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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

While they broke up more than a year ago in the wake of his epic binge on various drugs and hoes, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom still have not finalized their divorce.

Is there a reason for that? Beyond Lamar being totally AWOL these days?

According to various celebrity gossip sources, Khloe is on the verge of calling off the once-happy couple's divorce, and her family is none too thrilled about it.

Lamar Odom Valentine

These reports appear to have some merit, too. Consider the background:

Fans spotted Khloe sitting courtside at a Los Angeles Clippers game saw her signing autographs as Khloe Odom, which is obviously a change and an interesting one.

Khloe stopped using her married name back in 2013 (!) even before she formally filed to divorce Lamar, so it's not like this was force of habit at this stage.

Some say maybe it was a Freudian slip of sorts, as Lamar used to ball for the Clippers before he started balling Polina Polonsky behind Khloe's back.

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

The Bachelor doesn't begin on ABC until Monday, January 5. That's not even this YEAR. But as always, the show itself lags behind two fun byproducts:

  1. The deluge of celebrity gossip coverage surrounding its star;
  2. The Bachelor spoilers that leak and give away the ending!

Because who wants to wait to actually watch it play out on TV?!

Chris Soules Picture

As is the case each fall, and each spring (for The Bachelorette), the details of the final four, the winner, and basically every single episode hit the web early.

How The Bachelor spoilers are usually so accurate, we cannot say.

Whether this batch can be 100 percent trusted, we also can't say.

What we can say is that by and large, The Bachelor spoilers unearthed by Reality Steve are not put out there in order to be wrong. The track record is solid.

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

If you think makeup doesn't make a big difference, you haven't been exposed to Paolo Ballesteros, a Filipino television host who loves to dress up like female celebrities.

Check out what he's able to do with just makeup, wigs and colored contacts:

Ballesteros transforms into some of the biggest faces in the world of entertainment, and his efforts range from strikingly real to full-on creepy and hilarious.

His Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Megan Fox? Spot on.

In some cases, when you click on the gallery above and scroll through the side by side comparisons, you might even take a second to pick out the impostor.

In other cases, such as his Miley Cyrus, Cameron Diaz and Beyonce?

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

The Bachelor cast photos have been released, giving us our first glimpse of the 30 women vying for a life with Prince Farming, Chris Soules, on ABC come 2015!

Ever since Chris Soules was dumped by The Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman, he was a man sought after by millions for his charm, character and authenticity.

He's not bad looking, either. That never hurts.

We don't have The Bachelor spoilers yet, but one of the above 30 women will presumably get engaged to Chris, and it will play out on ABC starting January 5.

Follow the link above and scroll through the contenders and you'll see a diverse group of women - career-wise, anyway - that are taking a shot at love.

Slash 15 minutes of fame. Same diff, right?

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Jeremy Calvert of MTV's Teen Mom 2 quasi-fame was allegedly caught getting his flirt on over text message ... with a woman not named Leah Messer.

The couple has had its ups and downs in recent months, as fans know.

But in the following text message exchange, Jeremy (if it's actually him) declares that he's not married to Leah, who's publicly stated that they're together:

The purported texts are between Jeremy Calvert and Brittany Musick.

Apparently, Musick, a 27-year-old West Virginia hottie, reached out over Twitter and began a conversation with Calvert, Messer's second husband.

A so-called friend of hers then leaked the messages to the Internet.

Leah Messer has been battling to save her marriage - or at least to control the fallout from its demise - since rumors of her cheating surfaced this fall.

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Sophias and Jacksons of the world, you stand alone once again.

Or actually, with a great deal of company, to be more accurate.

At the top of the pile for an astonishing five years in a row, the always classy Sophia leads the Top 10 Baby Girl Names of 2014, according to a new study.

Meanwhile according to Baby Center's annual list of the Top 10 Baby Boy Names, Jackson has topped all male monikers for the second straight year.

So epect a lot of Jacksons and Sophias in schools across the U.S. within the next several years, in other words. You could do a lot worse, America!

While the boy names from 2-10 showed some movement, there was little change on the female front. Only one of this year's Top 10 differed from 2013.

Follow the links above, and below, to see the Top 10 names for boys and girls from the past year, some of which may surprise you and others not so much ...

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

The beautiful, maligned Jana Duggar plays a unique, and largely unrecognized role in her family, as viewers who watch 19 Kids and Counting online know well.

TLC cameras often capture the eldest daughter of the Duggar family taking care of her younger brothers and sisters, often thanklessly and tirelessly.

So much so, campaigns have popped up online in which fans want to Free Jana Duggar. From what, exactly, it's not clear. But she needs some freedom!

Perhaps for that reason, Jana was carefully and completely edited out of two recent episodes of the hit reality show ... but they got busted thanks to social media.

You may have seen, or heart about, the now pregnant Anna Duggar and husband Josh Duggar taking a trip with their three children from D.C. to Chicago.

What viewers didn't see is that Anna and Josh Duggar were joined by Jana, who was, of course, saddled with taking care of her nieces and nephews.

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Step off, Kim Kardashian and Paper magazine. Or at least take heed.

Kourtney Kardashian has shown her younger sister that two can play at this game - and very pregnant, to boot - by baring all in the new issue of DuJour.

Click below to see the images of the very naked, expecting star:

DuJour depicts Kourtney Kardashian nude and drenched in a white dress that shows off her baby bump and the rest of her gorgeous body from bottom to top.

Whether she's holding her belly as a white robe falls off her or donning only a feathered bib, there's little doubt that pregnancy looks good on Kourtney.

And that Kourtney also looks good in anything ... or nothing.

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Russia native Kristina Pimenova is a beautiful girl. The "Most Beautiful Girl in the World," one might say, if one were one of her 2.2 million fans on Facebook.

Pimeonva, also called the "World's Youngest Supermodel," has amassed a huge following on social media and has Vogue, Cavalli and Armani on her resume.

Just how young is Kristina Pimenova, though?

You might not even believe us if we told you.

Kristina's mom, Glikeriya Shirokova, handles her social media accounts and has been criticized for some of the outfits worn and poses made by her daughter.

Inappropriate comments you can guess the nature of follow every photo shared by Kristina's mom, as men ogle her child and critics share their concerns.

All of this comes back to her tender age, obviously.

Seriously, when you read exactly how young this "supermodel" is and see some of the photos she's already taken, you're not going to know what hit you.

Follow the links above to find out, and cry, now.

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Posted by Miranda Wicker

Now that Alaric is no longer a vampire capable of lifting Elena's compulsion, she's resorting to more dangerous methods to remember the love she once felt for Damon.

And Damon is once again practicing the fine art of letting her go.

On The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 7, Elena's attempts to remember Damon were for naught. After telling him to recount their love affair for her, she still couldn't remember anything but the pain he caused and the people he killed.

Until, that is, she tried to walk across the Mystic Falls border to strip away the memories.

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