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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

One of the most notorious scenes from the Fifty Shades of Grey book will not appear in the movie, to the relief (or dismay?) of fans of the E.L. James series.

That scene in question? Let's just say it involves a feminine product.

Alas, the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey tampon scene was cut. In fact, Christian removing it from Ana so he can have sex with her, period and all, was not filmed.

Nor was filming even discussed, the director says. Why not?

Christian Grey pulling the tampon right out of Anastasia Steele's body so he can have sex with her during that time of the month was not a key plot point.

Apparently. Producer Michael De Luca says the novel is just ...

"The book needed to put you in Ana’s shoes to be a successful experience," he says, and E.L. James did just that, therefore, "A lot of it was very literal."

Conversely, "the movie didn’t need to do that" to tell the appropriate love story - or even the sexual story - as film is "a completely different medium."

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

A five-year-old boy and his family were recently sent an invoice - yes, an actual invoice - for missing his friend's birthday party and not sending an RSVP.

We repeat: A five-year-old was invoiced for a birthday party no-show.

Birthday Party Invoice Recipients

Alex Nash could not attend the party thrown for one of his friends.

The mother of the birthday boy, Julie Lawrence, was far from pleased that Alex didn't even RSVP to say he couldn't make the event at a local ski slope.

Therefore, she submitted a formal $24 invoice to the boy's father.

Derek Nash told the BBC that he discovered the bill for the party, which listed a "no-show fee" in the document, in his son’s backpack after the fact.

He says he lacked the proper contact info to tell Lawrence that Alex was already committed to visiting his grandparents that day and couldn't come.

Lawrence isn't buying it, and wants him to pay up ... or go to court!

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Vampires of the world unite: Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are engaged!

Oh yes. After dating for only six months, The Vampire Diaries leading man and the Twilight hottie - who have been friends for years - are set to tie the knot.

"They're so happy," a source says. "They were crazy happy from the start."

"Their families love each other ... It just feels really right all around."

Not to Somerhalder's Vampire Diaries co-star and formerly his girlfriend of three years. Supposedly, Nina Dobrev is devastated by the sudden engagement.

Reed and her then-husband Paul McDonald were friends with Somerhalder and Dobrev, likely making the coupling awkward for the latter to accept.

In any case, Ian and Nikki have been smitten from the beginning.

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

OMG people. Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with Tyga's baby?

That's the latest rumor going around the Internets, and she seems to be in no hurry to put it to bed. Is that because she's too busy in Tyga's bed?!

Probably not. The reason(s) why this story got started are pretty hilarious. One, she is supposedly dating Tyga. Okay, fine. Two ... she wore THIS:

Pregnant Kylie Jenner Pic?

You see? She's covered up! When have you EVER seen Kylie Jenner hide her belly (or her rumored boob job) before? Right! She MUST be expecting!

Or not. Tyga, the 25-year-old rapper and family friend, clearly has a close relationship with Kylie, but that and an over-sized jacket do not make a baby.

She clearly loves all of the speculation, though.

Rather than share another Internet-brekaing Kylie Jenner cleavage pic or shot of her tiny midriff, she offered no caption whatsoever for the above image.

She has also not commented on the chatter. Better to leave you guessing, drawing your own conclusions and breathlessly analyzing everything she does.

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Miley Cyrus is posing nude anywhere and everywhere, it seems. So disturbingly, at times, that many fans are starting to wonder if she's on drugs.

Yes, obviously she's on drugs in the sense that she writes about smoking the "fatttttttttessst blunt everrrr." But we're talking SERIOUSLY on drugs.

We've cropped the photo below because it is SO NSFW it will make you sick. Follow the link for the full Miley Cyrus nude version she herself posted.

Miley Cyrus Nude on Instagram

Most incredibly? This Instagram photo, as raunchy and weird a shot as you'll ever see, wasn't even her only naked appearance on the Internet this WEEK!

Proving that she's always game for some envelope-pushing debauchery, she also gave us photos of Miley Cyrus naked in V that were nearly as intense.

Combined with her latest efforts to promote the "Free the Nipple" campaign, hardly a day goes by when she's not baring all online or darn close to it.

Seriously, what's the deal with some of these pics?!

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Paris Hilton was Kim Kardashian before Kim Kardashian was Kim Kardashian, a rich girl with a reality show and a sex tape to boot. Then Kim eclipsed her.

No wonder these formerly tight besties fell so far out of favor.

Then there's Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, who were tight on The Hills before she started dating Spencer Pratt and that friendship was lost forever.

Or Rihanna and Katy Perry, who reportedly had a falling out for similar reasons. Or Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, who just stopped liking each other.

It doesn't always take a man or a sex tape to come between you.

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Kylie Jenner's lips continue to be the subject of great fascination online. Now her seemingly much larger boobs have joined the conversation as well.

Celebrity gossip readers and Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans have noticed the transformation of Kylie Jenner's lips. It's kind of hard to miss.

New photos have sparked Kylie Jenner boob job rumors too, now, as she has been bringing her cleavage into focus on social media. Very clear focus.

One Kylie follower summed up the reaction of most people who viewed one of the recent eye-popping images she posted when he/she wrote, simply:

How in the f--k?

It's a fair question, but there's little hard evidence that the 17-year-old has had work done. Beyond heavy makeup, padding and photo filters, of course.

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Is Jax Taylor gay? The most recent Vanderpump Rules has fans asking that very question about the Bravo reality star, and frankly it's hard to blame them.

Jax Taylor Photo

While Jax Taylor gay rumors have surfaced on the show before, friend / co-star Tom Sandoval stirred the pot to the tenth power on this week's show.

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you know Jax gets around ... but never before did you meet a man he allegedly got with in his younger years.

John Walters, a "concierge for wealthy people" and modeling scout, "discovered" Jax and Tom in Miami, and has been vague about their past relationship.

Based on what we learned on Monday's episode, it seems pretty obvious that Jax Taylor, wild sexual freak that we know and (sort of love), has dabbled in men.

Which is fine. His co-stars don't seem to mind and his fans probably don't either. But Jax, who's as big of a liar as he is a sex freak, says it's all for show!

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

The 2015 Golden Globe Awards, airing last night on NBC, featured heavy doses of humor and heart as the best of the best in TV and film were honored.

Who took home the top prizes? Who and what made for the buzziest moments?

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler killed it as expected, while George Clooney and Michael Keaton made us shed a few tears with their acceptance speeches.

There were Cosby jokes and Kim Jong-un sightings. Red carpet hits and misses.

See below for the complete list of 2015 Golden Globe winners, some of which were a little bit surprising, and others which we definitely saw coming.

Then check out these 15 GIFs that perfectly sum up the night ...

Best Actress, TV Drama
Ruth Wilson, The Affair

Best Actor, TV Drama
Kevin Spacey, House of Cards

Best TV Drama
The Affair

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are officially engaged! Her baby daddy popped the question last week and the Teen Mom 2 star said yes (obviously)!

Rumors that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith got engaged started surfacing last month, and it turns out they were talking about it as far back as then.

Only recently did Nathan - like Jenelle, a parent of one child from a previous relationship and one with his now-fiancee - get down on one knee, however.

Many were quick to accuse the reality star and her beau, who has struggled in the past just like she has, of having MTV foot the bill for the ring she got.

Not the case, however. He saved up $4,000 from his new job!

Jenelle confirms he paid for the ring and went on to tell MTV, which did get the whole thing on film and pay for dinner (just not the ring) what happened.

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