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Posted by Miranda Wicker

At the end of Revenge season 3, it seemed Emily Thorne had gotten everything she wanted. Except love, of course.

Victoria was certified insane. Conrad was put behind bars. One thing Emily didn't count on?

David Clarke's return from the dead!

How will she react when she finds out her father has been alive this whole time? Will Amanda/Emily suddenly feel like everything she's done has been for naught? Will she gladly reunite with her long lost Daddy Dearest?

Take a look at the Revenge Season 4 Episode 1 trailer and see what you think:

There's still plenty of time to watch Revenge online and get yourself caught up before the series returns to ABC!

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Posted by Miranda Wicker

Will Mason and Penelope Disick be getting a little brother or a sister? We won't have to wait for Baby #3 to be born to find out!

Kourtney Kardashian is having A GIRL!

Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kris Jenner

Kourtney konfirmed the news of her pregnancy during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9,

According to a source close to the reality TV star, she and Disick are expecting a girl, and Kourtney couldn't be more thrilled. She's allegedly wanted a girl from the start because she's excited to give Penelope a sister. 

Kourtney Kardashian definitely knows how awesome sisters can be.

She only has four of them, you know?

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Posted by Carissa Pavlica

Oh what incredibly exciting lives the Duggar family leads.

Us too, since we're watching and living vicariously through them. Go us!

Ben got to move into the Duggar's guest house, but it wasn't a freebie. He was required to do chores for admittance. What kind of chores, you ask? There's only one way for you to find out. Did he even complete them on time? Hmmm... if he DID move... You see where that's going, right?

Jill and Derick shopped for wedding bands. Did they find something on their first outing or is more scintillating shopping required?

To have all of your questions answered, watch 19 Kids and Counting online now!

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Posted by Miranda Wicker

Instead of "did he or didn't he" regarding the Hank Baskett cheating scandal, the real question is "did she or didn't she?" Invent the Hank Baskett cheating scandal, that is!

Sources say Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are "100 percent together" leading some to speculate whether or not Kendra made up the rumors that Hank Baskett cheated with a transgendered woman to serve as a storyline for her reality TV show.

As the story goes, Baskett and transgender model Ava London did not engage in a mutual masturbation session. 

Baskett, he claims, was simply in London's apartment to help her "fix something" while he visited his friend who happened to live in the same apartment complex.

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

We don't want to come out and say for a fact that Kylie Jenner got lip injections and/or plastic surgery when we obviously weren't there to see it, but ...

Kylie Jenner Lips

With every selfie, the Kylie Jenner lip injection debate gets even more heated, with fans and haters squaring off to criticize or defend the teen's actions.

This has never been the case more than with the above Instagram shot.

Wow. Just ... wow. We don't even know what's going on there, but wow.

Kylie Jenner before and after photos have been well documented online, and while she hasn't discussed her lips specifically, Kylie says she hasn't had surgery.

Of course, many don't consider lip injections to be "plastic surgery."

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Posted by Carissa Pavlica

On Dance Mom Season 4 Episode 28 the girls danced their big hearts out.

Don't they always? Sure!

But never as much as they do in the final competition before Nationals. Some girls will wait to bring it for the biggest night in Abby's eyes.

While Cathy was crashing the competition, Tracey's dreams of seeing her daughter dance for the Elite Team were periously close to being squashed forever!

Find out all about it when you watch Dance Moms online.

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Posted by Carissa Pavlica

Clearly, viewers love the romantic gestures between newlyweds.

In 19 Kids and Counting Season 8 Episode 5, lovebirds Jill and Derick have their portraits taken together. You'll get such a nice glimpse into their experience you'll feel like you were there.

Josh's ex-trainer Steve Conley paid Josh a visit to determine if Josh has been doing everything he can to maintain and progress with his diet and exercise. Do you think he was given praise or a stern look?

Find out all about it when you watch 19 Kids and Counting online.

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Posted by Carissa Pavlica

Wondering if Nikko and Mimi will last?

Good news! The answer was revealed in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 20.

Although the news might have been overshadowed by the blow-by-blow playback of last week's fight. Yep - instead of adding to much new material they dredged up old dirt as we learned exactly what was happening while that fight was going down.

Joseline said Benzino, essentially, punched her like the bitch he is while Stevie J. was being held back by security guards. What?!

No hard feelings, apparently, since Joseline is certain taking Benzino down would be a no-brainer given he's an old, short man with only half a good arm. "I would beat your ass," Joseline told Benzino.

You don't want to miss this, so watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online right now!

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood premiered Monday night on VH1, the latest iteration of that network's wildly successful and completely ridiculous franchise.

What did we learn on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 1?

That Ray J does more than the Kim Kardashian sex tape, for one.

His on-off girlfriend, Teairra Marie, is still struggling with her feelings for him, while his current love interest is also his assistant and throws him a party.

Which Ray invites Teairra to. Because that's an awesome idea.

Elsewhere, Soulja Boy and his girlfriend Nia took their relationship to the next level, but that may prove more challenging for the artist than he thinks.

Another hip hopper experiencing relationship woes, Omarion, has knocked up his girlfriend Apryl, of whom his mother is not a fan. Tension is rising.

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