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Posted by Carissa Pavlica

If you're an Olicity fan, prepare your squeeeeeee now!

While Canary is beating some people up and down, her sister if grappling with others in their hospital beds. Look out for the Lance sisters, they'll be kickin' double ass in Arrow Season 3!

Thea Queen is doing a great Cordelia Chase impression with her new hairdo and she's swinging a huge blade, bringing to mind a bit of Kira in Teen Wolf. Flattery gets you everywhere!

But the main attraction. Oh. Sigh. It's not The Arrow screaming that yet another citizen of Starling City has failed it, but when Oliver cups Felicity's face in his hands and Oh. My. God. 

The season kicks off on Wednesday, October 8 at 8/7c. (Over a month?! Sob!!) Whet your appetite with this sneak peek!

If you haven't caught up on the series because there's too much gossip to peruse, perhaps it's time to give it a go. Watch Arrow online and become enamored! 

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Posted by Carissa Pavlica

At the end of Scandal Season 3 Olivia Pope flew the coop.

Millions of fans wondered where she was going, and it appears the POTUS is a little curious about it as well.

We can only guess how Fitz is going to react to the news that Olivia's line has been disconnected. What do you think? Even more concerned or angry to be left like that?

You won't have to wait long, dear readers. Olivia's whereabouts will be revealed early in the Scandal Season 4 premiere on ABC, Thursday, September 25 at 9/8c.

Get a taste of what it's like to be left behind when you watch the trailer.

You can watch Scandal online if you need to catch up. If you haven't watched, isn't it time you did?

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Posted by Matt Richenthal

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 19 was a special episode full of surprises.

First, Kris shocked Kim by throwing her a bridal party, one that included all of Kim's friends and which was not exactly welcome by the guest of honor.

But Kim went along with it and even shared how many kids she'd have in a dream scenario.

The busty ex-sex tape star also got into a big fight with Brody over the logistics of her wedding day. What, exactly, was said?

And how did Scott Disick react when Kourtney said she was pregnant with baby number-three? Or, we should ask, how did Scott Disick react to this stunning news?

Go ahead and watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online to find out.

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Posted by Carissa Pavlica

Winter is coming! Early!

While Game of Thrones might have a leg up on that particular phrase, their characters aren't beautiful and full of song like the beauty who hits Storybrooke leaving a trail of ice in her wake.

Once Upon a Time Season 4 is hoping to change the landscape of the town (and score views from a bazillion Frozen fans).

That's right, we get a look at Elsa's flowing gown in all of its chilling glory as she walks past Prince Charming, Hook and finally Emma and the Evil Queen.

Is there a little jealousy coming from one queen for the other? You can bet your butt it's going to be a cold welcome!

Check out the trailer and be sure to watch Once Upon a Time online if you need to catch up in time for the premiere on September 28!

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Posted by Carissa Pavlica

The Doctor is contemplating his own nature in Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 2 when he's called upon to fix a very similar problem in a wayward Dalek.

Can a good man determine a good Dalek, or should that be left up to someone who has a better understanding of their moral compass?

The good news is the confused Doctor has his trust companion Clara and together they journey into the Dalek to find out if it's an aberration or something more.

Who do you think will be the deciding factor? How much did Clara learn about herself and the world while traveling with Eleven? 

Find out when you watch Doctor Who online!

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Posted by Matt Richenthal

Note to Abby:

You aren't the only person who needs Gibbs and McGee to return from Russia alive.

On the NCIS Season 12 premiere, titled "20 Klicks," these two will head overseas in order to bring back an important computer engineer.

But the mission will be compromised and their life will hang in the balance. Will reinforcements make it in time? Or is television's highest-rated series about to lose more beloved characters? (We miss you, Ziva!)

Check out the teaser now:

Need to catch up prior to September 23? You can always watch NCIS online through TV Fanatic.

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Posted by Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom

Britney Spears and David Lucado have broken up after 18 months of dating, and the story behind the sudden split is pretty scandalous. The rundown:

  1. David Lucado cheated on Britney Spears, dancing with and kissing some girl!
  2. This incident was caught on video, which was shopped around Hollywood!
  3. Her father Jamie Spears bought the cheating video and showed it to her!

Incredibly, Jamie got wind of the video and threw down a "substantial" amount to purchase the rights instead of any media outlet that might be interested.

It's not clear from whom he bought it, but Britney's dad and guardian is supposedly ready to sue anyone who tries to run another copy (if one even exists).

Spears has not addressed the split directly, but she has confirmed that she is very much single again, and that she had a sh!tty day but found a remedy of sorts.

Follow the link to learn what that is ... and discuss what a moron David is.

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Posted by Miranda Wicker

Just days after Justin Bieber assaulted a fan at Dave & Buster's (allegedly), the pop star has made what might be his best choice so far this year.

Justin Bieber is now paying people to keep him out of trouble. He says chaperones, we say babysitters. Either way, good call, Biebs. Cood call.

Justin Bieber Right Arm Tattoo
Justin Bieber showed off this Banksy-inspired tattoo on Instagram. This is one of the latest in his growing collection.

After his run-in with the police in Miami in January, and spending the night in jail, Bieber really, really doesn't want to go to prison. Uh, can't say that we blame him for that one, exactly, but my reasons may be different from his. Anyway.

According to Bieber's new neighbor in the Hollywood Hills, he has a team of minders with him all the time to keep him out of trouble. NOT to keep the press from getting wind of the fact that he's done something stupid, but to keep him from doing stupid things at all. 


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Posted by Miranda Wicker

Look, at least ONE of the Duggar kids IS going to go off the reservation regarding chastity and marriage and courtship rules. 

That child is NOT Jessa Duggar, but Ben Seewald IS living with the Duggars. In their guest house. Seems the Duggars just don't get more tawdry than that. Yet. (We're lookin' at you, Jinger.)

Because Jim Bob Duggar hired his future son-in-law to do some work around their home, he's allowing the young man to take up residence on their property instead of living five hours away from his betrothed.

They'll have a curfew--midnight SHOCKING!--and will adhere to all other Duggar courtship rules, including side hugs, chaperoned visits with one another, and saving their first kiss for their wedding day, just like Jill and Derick Dillard.

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Posted by Miranda Wicker

At 81 years old, Joan Rivers is still making headlines, this time for a complication from surgery and not because she was too busy being crass and offensive and calling babies ugly.

Rivers stopped breathing during throat surgery in a New York City hospital and was rushed to an intensive care unit to recover.

Joan Rivers

Not much is known about Rivers condition at this time, but her daughter, Melissa Rivers, is reported to be on her way to her mother's side. We're also not privy to what type of throat surgery Joan was undergoing at the time.

Anyone feel like placing bets on whether or not it was cosmetic? Too soon? Eh, Rivers would probably approve of ill-timed jokes considering her own penchant for administering them.

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