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Atlanta Traffic: Weather Made It Even Worse!!

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Atlanta traffic is notoriously horrible. Add in a couple of inches of ice and snow thanks to some particularly nasty winter weather in Atlanta and that notoriously horrible traffic gets even worse. 

Residents who regularly commute through the city weren't sure that was possible, but many found themselves stuck on roadways for, well, some of them are still stuck there, having spent the night stranded in their vehicles. 

Atlanta Weather Meme

What was forecast to be a light dusting of snow with only 1/2" accumulation quickly turned serious. Schools and businesses closed early, flooding the quickly freezing streets with motorists trying to make it home. Busses full of children found themselves unable to get to their stops and many students and teachers found themselves preparing to spend the night at schools. 

So what do residents of Atlanta do when Mother Nature hands them such a sour lemon? If they're users of the Atlanta subreddit, they make funny memes. And on Twitter, they create parody accounts, like the @AtlSnowPlow account that popped up overnight.

While the city is at a standstill, let's take a look at some of the hilarious creations of those who live and work there and deal with Atlanta traffic and unpredictable weather every day. Hey, if you can't laugh, right?

Atlanta Weather Funny

The @AtlSnowPlow account has been humorously joking about Atlanta's lack of snow plows since last night. When a similar situation happened in 2011, the city invested in additional snow plows. So Atlanta might have two snow plows now?

Even so, Snowmageddon is way worse than its predecessor, the Snowpocalypse.

Traffic Ticker

Atlanta traffic was so terrible (and still is in many places) that the person responsible for updating the ticker on a local news station just gave up. Seriously. He just gave up.

But the traffic was really no joke. (Until, that is, it became a joke on Reddit.)

Walking Dead Atlanta

Comparisons to The Walking Dead and The Day After Tomorrow abounded across social media. Thankfully, there were no zombies. We think. 

North Versus South Weather

If you find yourself snowed in today and want more zombies in your life, you can always watch The Walking Dead online. The show returns February 9, so now is as good a time as any to get caught up.

Weather Snickers

Motorists found themselves stranded in their cars for hours with no food and water (or, you know, bathrooms...) Some are still there this morning. Emergency personnel have had such a hard time getting to those who need help because of the heavy Atlanta traffic that one woman gave birth in her car on the side of a highway with the help of a policeman. 

Even in the midst of the Snowmageddon, #Atlantarctica residents found themselves able to have a little fun.

Especially the city's four-legged residents.

  • Snow Dog
  • Snow Dog 2