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Ellen DeGeneres Meets Elias, 7-Year-Old Piano Prodigy

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People of all ages love Ellen DeGeneres, but right now her biggest fan award is going to 7-year-old piano prodigy Elias.

This exuberant kid hugged the talk show host no less than 10 times in 5 minutes and dished out such sage advice as "be just the way you act. Do not put on any hair gel!"

Elias, who wants to be "different and cool," (and who is very, very much a cool kid), has already played at Carnegie Hall, one of his two life goals. 

His second goal? Meeting Ellen. Achievement UNLOCKED!

This segment is worth the 5 minutes it'll take to watch it. Totally worth it. And wait until he starts playing the piano at the 3:43 mark. Pretty amazing.

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