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Jon Gosselin Taking Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin to Court Over Custody Issues

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Do these people have a new show in the works? Is this all a ploy to jack up ratings for Couples Therapy since Jon Gosselin is appearing this season?

The headline this time? Jon Gosselin's planning to take legal action against ex-wife Kate Gosselin for what he and his attorney see as a violation of their custody agreement.

Game on, Gosselins.

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Jon, through his attorney, spoke out saying that ex-wife Kate has been keeping his children from him, opting to leave them with a babysitter instead of with their father when she goes out of town. 

Per their custody agreement, Jon is supposed to have "first right of refusal" any time Kate needs to leave the kids overnight for "work." Kate, he says, has never given him that option. Like, ever.

This all seems to have been sparked by Cara and Mady Gosselin's recent TV appearances. They embarrassed Kate on the Today Show by saying nothing at all, and then clammed up on The View when asked about their dad.

Jon blames Kate for the lack of time he's been able to spend with his twins. 

He also hasn't seen one of the sextuplets, Collin, since last August. Why just the one? No idea. But Jon's not happy about it.

Jon's lawyer, Mark Heller, states that Kate "has violated the custodial agreement and is actually in contempt of the court order...She has clearly breached those very extensive provisions to the extent he has been deprived very serious parental rights. It is his position that such conduct, and I agree, is not only contemptuous but there have also been attempts by her to alienate him the affections of his children."

Sounds like we'll see a Jon & Kate Courthouse Smackdown soon. 

Did I just coin the name for their newest reality show?

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