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Andi Dorfman: The Bachelorette?

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After dumping Juan Pablo Galavis on Tuesday night's Fantasy Suite episode of The Bachelor, Andi Dorfman became a hero for exposing the reality dating show for what it is: a ratings monster which rarely creates real couples.

So color me shocked to read that Andi Dorfman is the next Bachelorette. Probably.

Andi Dorfman
Andi Dorfman was a contestant on The Bachelor Season 18. She's the frontrunner to become the next Bachelorette

By dumping Juan Pablo in such a dramatic fashion, it seems all but certain that Andi will take the lead this summer.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, producers flew Andi out to LA to talk to her and have chosen her for the summer series, but things have not yet been confirmed.

They'll do that on the After the Rose special on March 10th when Juan Pablo and his final rose recipient share how they're doing now. (The Bachelor spoilers indicate not very good, if you were curious.)

The 26-year-old assistant district attorney from Atlanta won fans over with her wry wit and intelligence, though some critics have said she dumbed herself down for the show.

I'm actually inclined to agree with them, particularly in light of this Bachelorette news.

Isn't she a little too smart to think that she can find love in just a few weeks on a reality television show made up of forced situations and unrealistic dates with cherry-picked men from all over the world vying for her affections?

Isn't that exactly what she said wasn't possible after the inappropriate nightmare that was her Fantasy Suite date with Juan Pablo?

Her dear old dad, Hy Dorfman, wasn't too impressed with the fact that Juan Pablo was dating three other women along with Andi, so what'll he have to say about his baby girl doing essentially the same thing?

Guess we'll find out next month.

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