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Dale Hansen Defends Michael Sam, Blasts Homphobic Critics

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Dale Hansen put Michael Sam's homophobic critics on blast in a way that was a little more honeyed than Jon Stewart's rant about the anti-gay statements made in the wake of Sam's coming out.

"The SEC defensive player of the year and expected to be a third to fifth-round pick in the NFL draft, tells the world he's gay," Hansen said.

"The best defensive player in college football's best conference only a third to fifth round NFL pick? Really? That is shocking, and I guess that other thing is, too."

Hansen didn't stop there. See for yourself.

Hansen discussed how it wasn't that long ago with the NFL said that locker rooms wouldn't be "comfortable" if black players were admitted into the league.

He goes on to point out that it took even longer for the NFL to see its first black quarterback, again because teams weren't "comfortable" with someone they say as different in that position.

"So many of the same people who used to make that argument (and the many who still do) are the same people who say government should stay out of our lives. But then want government in our bedrooms," he said.

"I've never understood how they feel comfortable laying claim to both sides of that argument."

He concluded his monologue with a quote from Civil Rights leader Audre Lord:

"It is not our differences that divide us. It's our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences."

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