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Jeff Gordon Pranks Reporter With High Speed Police Chase

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After the latest Pepsi MAX commercial, everyone who takes a ride in a cab is going to look a little more closely at the driver behind the wheel.

Jeff Gordon just pulled another high speed prank, this time on automotive reporter Travis Okulski from Jalopnik, all because Okulski didn't believe that Gordon's last Pepsi MAX commercial, in which he posed as a potential car buyer and took a Camaro for a wild test drive, was real.

Gordon dressed up as an ex-con cab driver and picked Okulski up at his house. Okulski thought he was being taken to look at a new Corvette but soon found out he was in for more than just a joy ride.

A professional stunt driver in a police car pulled them over and asked Gordon to get out of the car, but he took off instead, scaring the daylights out of Okulski in a simulated high speed chase.

Check it out for yourself and keep reading to see both Jeff Gordon Pepsi MAX commercials.

And here's the newest Pepsi MAX commercial:

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