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Johnny Weir is Making Waves in Sochi for His Daring Fashion Choices

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Johnny Weir is not afraid to be himself. Being himself means making bold fashion choices every single day, even while he serves as an openly gay former figure skater and current NBC analyst in anti-gay Russia.

(Sochi problems? Yep. Their anti-gay law is one of them.)

Johnny Weir has made as much a name for himself for his fashion choices on various red carpets as he has for his style and performances on the ice. He's brought that style with him to Sochi.

Here are some of his top styles from the past several years as well as a glimpse of his looks in Sochi.

Johnny Weir Figure Skating
Johnny Weir in an American figure skater and openly gay. He is a two-time Olympian.

He calls it a “cross between Coco Chanel and Brooks Brothers” with a hint of “Stanley Tucci’s character in the Hunger Games without the blue hair.” 

Why does it matter what Johnny Weir's wearing? Well, to many, it doesn't. But while in Russia, many are looking to Weir to make a political statement about the country's history of oppressing the LGBT community.

As a two-time Olympian, (Turin, 2006 and Vancouver, 2010) Weir is a role model to many. He formally came out as gay in his 2011 autobiography Welcome To My World and said that before then, he had never felt compelled to make a public statement about his sexuality.

However, after reading of so many suicides of gay teens, he felt a responsibility to come out in hopes that his story could save someone from that fate.

He married his long time partner Victor Voronov that same year.

Voronov has encouraged Weir to use his platform in Sochi to speak out about the country's anti-gay propaganda laws, even if that means traveling with a protective detail.

Weir, however, says that's not what the spirit of the games is about, but also notes that nothing will stop him from being who he is.

"The Olympics are supposed to be about these wonderful athletes who are chasing these lifelong dreams, not politics...I’m hoping my presence alone in Russia will be a show of strength for the Russian LGBT community,” he said. “I’m not going to become something I’m not. I’m going to be me."

As an American and a Russophile--Weir credits his love of Russian figure skating with his eventual foray into and success on the ice--he hopes to strike a balance between supporting both the countries he loves and the LGBT community.

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