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Orange Is The New Black Season 2: Coming June 6th!

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Thank you everybody who tore through House of Cards season 2 on Netflix! Because of you were got the greatest Valentine's Day gift of them all!


Sneaky, sneaky Netflix hid an Easter Egg of epic proportions at the end of the House of Cards season 2 finale. After the credits rolled, the 17 second trailer for OITNB appeared, as did the season 2 premiere date.

I've never been so excited to bingewatch in my life!

Taystee Gif

Orange Is The New Black ended with SPOILER ALERT Piper beating the daylights out of Pennsatucky. OITNB Season 2 will pick up immediately where Season 1 left off.

Laura Prepon's role as Alex has been reduced for season 2 while Taryn Manning (Pennsatucky) will become a series regular. Uzo Aduba's "Crazy Eyes" will also figure in more prominently as will Danielle Brooks' Taystee.

Let's just dance one more time because of that, okay?

Taystee Gif

Orange Is The New Black season 2 also promises new faces, like in mate Vee, about whom not much is known at the time. 

But that's okay because we know when to request a vacation day so that we can watch every single episode as soon as it hits Netflix.

June 6th. Mark your calendars.

The Cast of Orange is the New Black
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