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Rachel Fredrickson, Biggest Loser Winner, Lost 155 Pounds; See Her Shocking Transformation Now!

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Rachel Fredrickson, Biggest Loser Season 15 winner, is $250,000 richer this morning. She's also 155 pounds lighter. 

The 5'4", 24-year-old winner lost a remarkable 59.62% of her body weight during the competition and the changes to her body and her features are so dramatic even Jillian Michaels, a Biggest Loser trainer, looked shocked to see Rachel's results. 

Rachel now finds herself in a Catch-22 as critics are crawling out of the woodwork to disparage her radical transformation, calling her "unhealthy" and accusing her of developing an eating disorder.

Much of the controversy surrounding her win, it seems, comes from the fact that after Rachel returned home after winning the Biggest Loser triathlon, the former competitive swimmer continued actively trying to lose weight in order to win the competition. 

She left the ranch weighing 150 pounds and returned at 105. The additional 45 pounds lost left her looking like a completely different person.

Rachel Frederickson, 260 Pounds Photo
Rachel Frederickson started The Biggest Loser Season 15 at 260 pounds. She went on to win the competition.

Frederickson stated earlier in the season that winning would allow her to find her inner champion again after so much heartbreak and weight gain.

The Biggest Loser has long undergone criticism for its tactics of using rapid weight loss and strict diet and exercise regimens as entertainment. While some might look to the successes of the show's competitor for inspiration--because they all have stories, hardships they're trying to overcome--more have jumped on the train that says the show as a whole glorifies unhealthy and unattainable goals.

Following Frederickson's dramatic results, NBC is being called upon to address the show's tactics once again and comment on whether or not the winner's weight loss was too extreme.

So what do you think?

Did Frederickson lose too much weight and leave herself in an unhealthy place with NBC complicit in her choice? Or is this a woman who has reclaimed her inner champion who will now go on to live a much healthier life?

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