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Sochi Problems: A Preview of the Winter Olympic Games in Russia

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The Internet loves a good fail story and both Sochi Problems and Sochi Fails are not failing to deliver.

After the highly touted $51 BILLION spent in renovating and revitalizing the city of Sochi ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics, those arriving to the resort town are, well, surprised by what they're finding there.

Sochi Problems and Sochi Fails have garnered more followers in three days than the official Olympics accounts have since they were created.

Given the nature of the Tweets, is anyone expecting to see something like this for the Opening Ceremonies? Who volunteers as tribute??

Sochi Problems Opening Ceremony
This is what we speculate the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremonies may look like. Anyone want to volunteer as tribute?

Maybe today's opening ceremonies will be the grand unveiling of Sochi which will begin correcting the stream of sometimes funny and sometimes inane things being reported from the city ahead of the games.

Like being hacked within minutes of turning on phones or computers. No water in hotel rooms. Or handles on the doors. Or lightbulbs.

What about the rumored half-naked Putin pictures in every hotel room?

None of that even touches the bizarre toilet situation in Sochi. Need a roll of toilet paper? Your toilet neighbor has you covered if you can't reach it yourself. 

Tandem toilets are apparently a thing. A thing that many just cannot understand. And for good reason. Tandem toilets are kind of...well...the opposite of private.

So in honor of the Winter Olympics, and in hopes that we'll soon see hugely positive things coming out of Russia, here are some of the Internet's most odd images from Sochi. 

Some are calling these tweets about the accommodations in Sochi privileged shows of entitlement on the behalf of journalists. Some are just calling them funny. In some cases, the recency of the photos cannot be determined, so maybe things really DO look better over there than the Internet currently believes. 

Either way, Sochi Problems is quite the meme.

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