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Did Courtney Love Find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

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Did rocker Courtney Love find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

Missing Malaysian Flight

The Hole singer posted the image to her Facebook page with the caption:

"I'm no expert but up close this does look like a plane and an oil slick. prayers go out to the families #MH370 and its like a mile away Pulau Perak, where they "last" tracked it 5°39'08.5"N 98°50'38.0"E but what do I know?"

Courtney Love used Tomnod, the online satellite imagery mapping website being used to crowdsource for information about the missing plane, to find the above image, onto which she drew words and arrows in MS Paint.

(Come on, CLove. Picmonkey is where it's at!)

This missing airplane is really bringing the world together as speculation and stories about its disappearance continue to swirl through the Internet. Even celebrities are hobnobbing with the lowly peons of the world by spending time on Tomnod scrolling through endless images of ocean in hopes of finding this downed (probably downed) plane.

If Courtney Love really did just find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, maybe she should start a new career. But not one requiring graphic design skills.

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