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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Together Again

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As The Walking Dead Season 4 winds down, the first groups of survivors have reunited and made their way to Terminus. The rest are following closely behind.

But what IS Terminus? And how did everyone get there? 

Take a look at our The Walking Dead photo recap now for the scoop. But consider yourself warned: If you haven't seen the episode, you will see The Walking Dead spoilers inside. 

Abraham and Tara
Abraham and Tara discuss the fact that they both have missions to accomplish while the rest of the group sleeps.

The episode kicked off with Glenn's group sleeping by the railroad tracks. Tara, wracked with guilt, can't seem to bring herself to rest. She and Abraham kept watch and agreed that they both have missions to accomplish. 

While he shared that his is to get Eugene to Washington, Tara kept mum. Being without her family and believing herself to be responsible is taking its toll.

In the only time we saw Rick, Michonne, and Carl in the entire episode, Carl and Michonne had made a bet to see who would fall off the railroad tracks first. The winner won a chocolate bar.

Rick wanted to scold them but saw the fun they were having and decided that it was okay to be a little happy in the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Carl won but split his chocolate bar with Michonne. Good Carl, good.

Daryl is still with the Claimers and learning more about their group and himself. This episode is a trial for Daryl who must decide what kind of man he is.

Is he a good guy who hangs with groups like Rick and the rest of the prison gang, or is better suited to a life among the Claimers?

Len, a fellow Claimer, has it out for Daryl. He steals Daryl's kill by claiming the rabbit, and Joe, the group's leader, begins to explain their rules to Daryl, who says he's not one of them.

They make camp for the night in an abandoned garage and Len continues to bait Daryl, hoping to have the crossbow hunter beaten up. Joe shows Daryl how the rules of the group work and when he catches Len in a lie, the other men take care of him.

Glenn finds Maggie's messages and knows that he is close to finding her again. When he and the group arrive at a tunnel, through which they cannot see and around which they should travel, he decides to go through it knowing Maggie probably would have done the same.

Tara agrees to go with him so the group splits up.

Inside the tunnel, Tara and Glenn come upon a piece of caved-in ceiling in which many walkers are trapped. When they climb to the top of the rubble, they realize they're still stuck. The number of walkers on the other side outnumbers the bullets they have in their gun.

They come up with a plan to distract the walkers, but Tara gets stuck in the rubble.

Daryl leaves the garage the next morning to see that Len has been killed by the rest of the gang. He goes with the Claimers because he knows there's safety in numbers even if he doesn't trust the other men. He momentarily thinks about covering Len's dead body, but then leaves the corpse uncovered.

This feels like an important moment for Daryl given the growth of the character over the past four seasons.

As they walk down the tracks and Daryl learns of Terminus, he claims a vegetable growing on the side of the road just as Joe tells him they're going that direction because they tracked someone who killed one of their men and left him to turn.

We know that the someone is Rick, but Daryl doesn't. He steps over the chocolate bar wrapper Michonne and Carl left there earlier. (Littering is bad, Carl, even in a Zombie Apocalypse.)

While Tara and Glenn were going through the tunnel, Eugene Porter was navigating Rosita in a circle in the van they found on the road, eventually bringing them to the other side of the tunnel. They see something, but the camera does not yet reveal just what that something is.

Just as Glenn thinks he'll be fighting his way out of the walker hoard and knows he will likely not survive, he hears "GET DOWN!"

A group of people with guns takes out all of the walkers and Glenn and Maggie are reunited. HOORAY!

Eugene tells them all that it's wisest to go to Terminus as a group and then split up from there instead of splitting where they are, so that's what they agree to do. The smart one has spoken.

Terminus is creepy. There are flower beds and vegetable gardens everywhere. The place is completely unarmed. Only Mary is out in the open.

Mary is creepy.

We'll see what will no doubt be a shocking conclusion to The Walking Dead Season 4 next Sunday night. And then we'll all hold our breath for 6 months to see what will come next.

If you missed this week's episode and want to catch up before the season finale, watch The Walking Dead online at TV Fanatic.

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