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American Psycho Gets the Andrew Lloyd Webber Treatment
It's hip to be square

Because today hasn't included enough news about confusing musicals, here's another one for ya: Brett Easton Ellis' most famously depraved novel, American Psycho, is heading to the stage. The book and subsequent film prominently feature monologues about 80s Reagan-era bands, which will play a large part in the musical production's development.

Though taking a gamble on theater right now (which are not doing as badly as other economic ventures right now but still) producers Craig Roessler and Johnson-Roessler have high hopes that a satirical look at murder on Wall Street will strike a gallows-humor chord with the ex-Lehman brother crowd.

Below, one scene from the film version of AP that will definitely be a highlight of the dance numbers:

This might not be the worst idea in the world; after all, the world between theater and film is often malleable, as the mediums tend to absorb and reflect off each other. Thus, the success of David Mamet in both fields, and the Disney-fying (for better or for worse) of Broadway. Then again, the production will be hard-pressed to find an actor that can match Christian Bale's maniac energy and awesome singing voice.

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