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Anti-Gay Nup Site Goes For Youth, But Keeps Old Tactics

Gay marriage foes sure are clever!

For so long this fine nation's homophobes and other narrow-minded baddies have been associated with stodgy, wholly unfashionable leaders like James Dobson, Phyllis Schlafly and the ne'er done-up Shirley Phelps. None of these people speak to the youth of America.

So, in an effort to make themselves more youth-friendly, California's anti-gay marriage activists have established a new site, iProtect Marriage, a spin-off of the more staid Protect Marriage.

Like its sister site, iProtect urges voters to vote "yes" on Proposition 8, a ballot measure aimed at overturning this year's gay marriage win. Unlike its sister site, however, iProtect has a decidedly youth-oriented outlook, complete with fresh, concerned faces. See that guy above? He's so young! His pensiveness really speaks to us.

And no spry site would be complete without to popular sites like Facebook and MySpace. How hip! How media-savvy! Even the intentionally lower-case "i" seems eager to suck the teet of Apple's ubiquitous iPod and iPhone.

Despite these juvenile measures, iProtect's inherited the tried and largely untrue tactics employed by their right-wing forefathers. We do some dissecting, after the jump. It's scary stuff???


Sep 23, 2008 · posted by cord · Link · 1 Response
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No. 1 Frank Lobo says:

You can legislate that a toaster be called a microwave… its still a toaster.

Posted: Sep 23, 2008 at 8:47 pm
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