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Bill O'Reilly's War on Hip Hop

Bill O'Reilly hates a lot of things – San Francisco, small boobs and gays to name a few – but he, like his father before him, finds nothing more off-putting than black people. The strange humility of the race confuses him to no end, as does the difference between Black Panthers and the Ku Klux Klan. But what truly irks the red-faced, Irish shouting head is that wild African jungle music. Rap and its young male purveyors are ever-throbbing dark pains in Billdo's ass, and the battle between him and them has been waged for years. Pick a side, America.

Billdo vs Cam'ron
This interview goes wrong as soon as O'Reilly introduces Harlem rapper Cam'ron by saying his music is all about "pimping and bitches." "Pimping and bitches?" asks a confused Cam, who also raps about violence in New York and a troubled childhood rife with neglect. Later, despite the fact that he has an established history of using "four-letter words" himself, both to sexually harass women and berate his subordinates, O'Reilly can't stress enough to Cam'ron that his music has too much swearing.

Besides Cam'ron's constant head bobbing and disinterest in O'Reilly's feigned outrage, the best part of this interview is when an elementary school principal invited onto the show to further admonish Cam instead immediately says he's a "big fan." The principal then notes that, contrary to popular belief, a lot of his young students are bright and aware enough to understand that much of what the rapper says on records is obnoxious tough talk designed to make money, not life lessons. Bill ignores all this and continues yelling and interrupting everyone.

Billdo vs Nas
The bad blood between O'Reilly and Nas ("Naaaaaz," as Billdo says) goes back to 2007's Virginia Tech massacre. Following the incident, Queens emcee Nas was asked to perform at a campus-wide memorial concert for the fallen students. At this, Bill had an aneurysm. Citing Nas' "violent as they come" lyrics and past arrest on a gun charge, O'Reilly sought to have the rapper removed from the concert lineup, calling it "insulting the murder victims of Virginia Tech." The Virginia Tech administration wisely ignored Billdo's protestations and let Nas play. Ever since, the very mature O'Reilly does things like poke fun at Nas' slumping record sales without mentioning that record sales for all musicians are down.

Billdo vs Ludacris
O'Reilly also has a history with Ludacris. In 2003, the cable host was so infuriated by Pepsi's decision to hire Luda as a spokesperson that he called for his viewers to boycott the cola brand. O'Reilly would later lie and say that he never called for a boycott, but whatever he did, it worked, and Pepsi dropped the rapper. The entire time he was complaining about Ludacris' ties to Pepsi, O'Reilly didn't once mention the foul-mouthed, dysfunctional (rich, white) antics of Ozzy Osbourne and family, who were also on the soda's payroll.

In this video, it's five years later and O'Reilly is still going off on Ludacris. This time it's for singing a song about "painting the White House black" and how that's not going to go over well with "white, blue collar guys," all of whom won't vote for Obama because his black brother rapped some stupid song, and Obama will lose.

Billdo (and Dennis Miller) vs Young Jeezy and Jay-Z
And now this. In his most recent anti-rap screed, Billdo is outraged by the behavior of black men Young Jeezy and Jay-Z, who staged a show the day before Obama's inauguration and rapped about how excited they were to have a president of color. FOR SHAME!

No calls for boycotts or condescending interviews in this video, just a lot of moments of O'Reilly and his eccentric, irrelevant clown friend Dennis Miller calling Young Jeezy and Jay-Z "low class" and mocking hip hop slang. Oh, we get it: black jokes! Ha ha ha ha…ha? This is your top-rated cable news program, America.

Comments (21)
No. 1 · roxanne stickley

I totally agree with O'Reilly, why do these guys have to belittle women, use profanity in music being marketed to children, and speak as though they don't know the English language. Where are there parents ? Were they never taught to mind there manners or speak properly ? Have they never had sisters, mothers or any female they actually respect ? It totally amazes me…no respect for anyone including thereselves………I feel very sorry for them

Posted: Jan 29, 2009 at 8:39 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 2 · maria

I sincerely hope that some of Billdo???s (love that name BTW) ratings are from those who just want to see what he will say next. The man is a fu*king train wreck. It???s 2009 and if he thinks this lame old shtick of slamming the arts is going to last he???d better be prepared for a ratings drop. It is truly embarrassing that some people believe the vile hatred that this man spews out.

Posted: Jan 29, 2009 at 9:24 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 3 · anon

maria, that's why the Colbert Report is so f-ing funny.

billdo's style of show (when done in a serious fashion) is on it's way out, and parodies of it, like Colbert, have higher ratings than ever.

the only people who still watch him and agree with him are the bitter folks who think Obama is a "muslin" and is going to enslave the white race.

Posted: Jan 29, 2009 at 10:12 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 4 · Les

The first 3 comments are right on. The comments on gee zee and cheese wiz are disgracefull. Will Smith is the only rap I have heard that is not a disgrace

Posted: Jan 29, 2009 at 10:55 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 5 · Steve

@roxanne stickley:
First, Bill, NAS, Ludacris, Jay-Z, etc. are all doing exactly the same thing, that is, working their target demographic to attain their objective: make money. I believe I'd actually rather have a conversation with Jay-Z or Ludacris than Bill — I doubt they'd yell and flail their arms every time I tried to make a point. Talk about minding manners! Bill O'Reilly must have been raised by wolves!

That said, I have to object to anyone complaining about someone else not knowing the English language, while using "there" instead of "their". Twice.

Posted: Jan 29, 2009 at 11:15 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 6 · maria


He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper Lyrics
Artist(Band):Will Smith Review The Song (0)

Uh uh, ah uh
Yo Jeffrey Buss it
What are ya doin in there?
Word em up word em up word em up
In the place at about this time
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince just bu bu buggin out
Losing it all no sense
Ay Jeff scratch it scratch it man, scratch it
Uh aw that was decent
Now scratch it a quick joint, a quick one Jeff
Oh yeah yeah
We just bugging we just having some fun
Me and Jeffrey
He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper
Hello can anybody hear me
You can aight that's good you can hear me
Okay it's clear it's good okay everybody's got it
One two
One two and

My rhymes have been written not to be bitten
But as it seems, some suckers keep forgetting the rules about rappin, but that's alright
Cause in the next five minutes I'm a have them all uptight
Stronger than a dinosaur, better known than Santa
Man the battles I battle, I usually win em
In less than a minute, but it all depends
On how long it takes you rappers to realise
That trying to defend yourself is ridiculous
Didn't you get my message its out of the question
Cause you're toys boys, I'm the Real McCoy
I'm really gonna enjoy seeing you destroyed <—EVIL
If I was Fred Flintstone I'd probably own all of Bedrock
If I was a criminal I'd probably own a cellblock
If I was in the Navy I would own the sea
But I'm a poet so I own the whole rap industry
I'm like a lion my man, and the streets are my den
It's either kill or be killed, so I kill <—- MORE EVIL
I kill again and again and again
Surmount the times, rappers I'll slaughter them
I tie em up and throw them in the water
Then I'll just walk away like nothing ever happened until somebody else starts rappin
That's when I snap and I'll attack and go mad like Rambo or maybe like Commando, or like Lando
Calrissian, cause you know he was down with the Force
Fresh Prince is the source I feel no pain or remorse
Think that you can beat me rappin man you must be silly
Man I really really really really really really
Hate when people, doubt my ability
And I have to prove superiority
If rap was basketball, I would be in luck
Cause every time I freestyle it would be a slam dunk
Man I'm the engineer, and you're the passengers
Taking on a voyage, a hip-hop massacre <—– MORE EVIL
The Jason of rap, Freddy Kruger of rhymin
And I'm sure that you'll see in due time man
People will run, to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to all join in, to this Fresh Prince mania
My face in magazines, on your radio or stereo
Everywhere you go, audio and video
A hip-hop terrorist, war like vocalist
Other rappers say, yo Prince why don't you show me this
Style now you must be trippin it ain't no way in hell I'ma let you put your lip in
My rhyme cause it's a timebomb, I'm not kiddin
My rhyme explodes the second it gets bitten
I'm quick and nimble, a status symbol
I shop at Macy's now but I used to shop at Gimble's
I'll, drop kick a hurricane, bodyslam a tidal wave
Walk through a tornado, or a volcano
But I'll be okay though
And here's some more info that you rappers should know
You are the bombs and I will defuse you
I am the lawyer and I'm going to accuse you of the ultimate rhyme crime and you will be guilty
There's no way that you'll ever ever defeat beat me rappin any time or day
Pop so much trash, man I can't wait to be face to face, and hear Jeff say sick em
Man you're gonna be my victim
You better duck, and pray for good luck Chuck, cause you're stuck
You're like a Thanksgiving turkey and it's time to be plucked
I see you're nervous purpose that's how I now you're soft
You're runnin round like a chicken with your head cut off
But just relax my power to the max
And I'm cuttin no slack on this rap track, Jack
So back up, as if you got good sense
Or feel the fury of the Prince
And ya don't stop
Yo Jazzy why don't you rock up the spots
Yo Jazzy hey Jeff I'm psyched I'm psyched
Give em a cut Jeff
Ooh-wee check out my dish-jockey!
Ay Jeffrey Jeffrey Jeffrey, a fast one

So you think that murderous rapper Will Smith is any better? Well, if so you are probably a wacko killer yourself and I pray for your family and your community which is probably ridden with illegals.

Posted: Jan 29, 2009 at 11:18 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 7 · Joe Blow

Rap is repetetive drivel that should not even be called music, a lame beat, some dude destroying the King's English while belittling women, and promoting violence. I agree with O'Reilly on this issue. It just dumbs down proper society by using slang terminology which young impressionable kids think is ok. Still amazed that in the 21st Century we have an element of society who still communicates like barbarians from another century. Let's hope that some of Obama's class and eloquence will enlighten today's youth that you can be anything you desire without resorting to crime which Rap clearly promotes.

Posted: Jan 29, 2009 at 11:39 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 8 · Carrie

Just like everything else: if you don't like it (rap music, O'Reilly's show, whatever) nobody is forcing you to listen. Change the channel…………. problem solved.

Posted: Jan 29, 2009 at 11:41 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 9 · summer

Hell yeah Steve!
Roxanne, maybe you should worry about correcting your own English first. the word 'thereselves' does not exist. At least Jay Z gets paid to make up silly words…

where were YOUR parents? Were YOU not taught to speak properly?

Posted: Jan 29, 2009 at 12:38 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 10 · Mr. T

Summer is a grammar Nazi. Where were his parents when he grew up? Outside practicing their goose-steps? Were you not taught to respect others?

Posted: Jan 29, 2009 at 3:19 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 11 · janice

I pity the foo' who doesn't understand proper English grammar.

Posted: Jan 29, 2009 at 3:46 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 12 · Melissa

The people who say they don't like rap and find it insulting to women and blah blah blah are the same people who bop their heads and sing-a-long to Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back not because they enjoy it but because they're "self aware."

Also, Will Smith is lame.

Posted: Jan 30, 2009 at 12:38 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 13 · Joe Blow

Have no idea who Sir Mix A Lot is unless he is a distant relation of Count Chocula? Perhaps Will Smith is lame but his music is not offensive and insulting to most of the general public…jus sayin!

Posted: Jan 30, 2009 at 10:29 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 14 · anon

if you don't know who sir mix a lot is, you aren't paying attention.

no, will smith's music is not offensive, just pedestrian. what's offensive is his allegiance to (but unwillingness to admit it) $cientology.

Posted: Jan 30, 2009 at 3:40 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]

I think Bill plays to his audience in the same way rappers do. If he and people like Rush want to breed ignorance and hate for the sake of ratings and mo money, why wouldnt the rappers do the same. I think he has no idea that in a way he is exactly like rappers only he plays to a different target group of people. Its people like Bill who keep our great country split into Black vs White, Red vs Blue, Rich vs Poor and so on.
I dont listen to rap music and I would probably not understand most of it any how but I also dont understand most of what Bill says or why he would think the way he does most of the time either.

Posted: Jan 31, 2009 at 12:24 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 16 · Meg


In response to the Will Smith lyrics that you have posted I would like to say this. Obviously you have never listened to rap, I mean really listened OR even watched the movie 8 Mile. Any person who has would know that Will Smith is talking about how he is going to destroy them ON THE STAGE during a battle. Kind of like a "battle of the bands" for all you white folk.

Posted: Jan 31, 2009 at 12:43 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 17 · Karl Spensen

@Joe Blow: "The King's English"? "Proper society"? "Rap"? I bet the brown people's music makes the monocle pop right off your face, doesn't it?

Posted: Feb 2, 2009 at 4:24 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 18 · curt denton

@roxanne stickley:
roxanne you say that these hip hop artists "speak as though they don't know the English language." However, in your following sentence you improperly use the word there by stating, "Where are there parents at?" Their would have been the correct form in this instance. Nonetheless I don't fault your misuse of the English language that you claim these artists speak as though they don't know. Regardless of the form of there (their, they're) that you used, you got your point across and your audience was able to understand it. Your failure to properly use the English language didn't render your argument any less valid. My point being that to bring up the style of language rappers decide to use as evidence that these individuals somehow lack intelligence or are unworthy of having THEIR message heard is a bit unfair on your part. I think the content within the message of what these artists are saying is much more important than the proper use of English language within that message. One need only listen to Nas's Illmatic album, an incredible illustration of poetry at its best, to understand he grasps a sense of the English language that most will never come close to. These individuals are not stupid roxanne.

As for the content of your question of where are their parents at, I believe that Dame Dash and Camron probe into a more compelling question on their appearance on the O'Reilly Factor. Rather than being concerned with where the parents of rappers are/were at, Dash and Camron ask where are the parents of their young listeners. Both men state that rappers are simply reporters, reporting the activities they see around them in their day-to-day lives. How can these individuals be held responsible when young people make mistakes? How can we bypass the parents of these young people and place blame on a rapper?

I think Damon Dash brilliantly shoots down O'Reilly's uninformed notions that hip hop is a negative influence on underprivileged youth by asking questions like how is it negative to control your own destiny and become a CEO of your own company. I believe Dash also said that he and Camron run an after school program in which they personally know 150 youths from Harlem. These are people making a difference to at-risk youths within their communities. To write them off as illiterate, ill-mannered thugs is outrageous and offensive. No dumb individual could rise from the streets of Harlem where the odds were stacked so highly against to become a millionaire CEO.

Roxanne your message came off as an entirely uninformed cheap shot. So I'll have to end with a cheap shot of my own. You make another error in the English language you accuse rappers of knowing so little of. You use "thereselves" in concluding your piece, a word that does not exist. Does that not come up on your computer's spell check? I really don't have any problem with people misusing the English language, in fact I despise when people judge an individual based on how they write or speak, but when 50% of your argument against hip hop artists is based on this factor you should at least be sure that you present yourself as being able to write the language in its proper form that you so desperately crave.

Posted: Feb 6, 2009 at 5:20 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 19 · Factor

Hip hop sucks… enough already. Lets get some music with some melody at least. The stupid flat hats and the assanine way these rappers talk in their "fake low voices" and their abominable vocabulary. This is the dumbest fad yet, and I'm glad to see it finally start to come down. Stop listening to HipHop because MTV tells you to. Get some good music and expand your borders. The music world doesn't begin and end with artists like Young Jeezy and Kanye West, I'm sorry, it just doesn't.

Posted: Feb 18, 2009 at 9:59 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 20 · FrankWhite

Good God we got some idiots in here. Factor's telling me to expand my borders? How about he doesn't just write off all rap music just because the mainstream stuff (Soulja Boy, Flo Rida, etc.) is garbage. Clearly he hasn't even bothered trying to listen to good music. Meanwhile, I've been exposed to artists such as Procol Harum, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, etc. I've tried to become educated on music, but clearly you haven't. You write off rap music and its listeners as people that don't know music? The men you just dissed (Kanye West and Young Jeezy) have both proven they have plenty of music knowledge. Kanye West sampled Steely Dan in "Champion", Shirley Bassey in "Diamonds From Sierra Leone", and Marvin Gaye in "Spaceship". Young Jeezy sampled Billy Paul in "Circulate" and Rick Wakeman in "The Recession". Rolling Stone's top 500 albums include classic rap albums such as "It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back", "Reasonable Doubt", and "Ready To Die". Wake up, buddy, Hip Hop is here to stay.

Posted: Mar 20, 2009 at 5:55 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 21 · Joe Blow

Karl Spensen: The monocle stays put, however, I have noticed bleeding ears.

Posted: Mar 20, 2009 at 7:05 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
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