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Brian Williams, One of the Cool Kids

Thought nightly news anchors didn???t know what was fresh? Couldn???t relate to how young people jibed? Well, think again, because Brian Williams is down, and he even has the bracelet to prove it.

For those of you who fall asleep after Your Moment of Zen, Stephen Colbert recently broke his wrist. To promote wrist awareness everywhere, he created WristStrong bracelets. Not content preaching the good news to just basic cable, Colbert implored Brian Williams and Katie Couric to wear the bracelets on their nightly broadcasts. On Monday night, Colbert chastised the two for going WristStrong-less.

But in a Web 2.0 twist, Williams wrote into Eat the Press with a picture of himself from last Wednesday???s broadcast wearing the WristStrong bracelet. Colbert apologized, but went on to question whether Williams had fully executed his duty for wrist health and passed the bracelet onto Matt Lauer, who has been missing of late.

And now the search is on to find Matt Lauer or better summer programming, which ever comes first.

Aug 23, 2007 · Link · Repond
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