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Cartoonists Never Allowed to Draw Monkeys for Newspapers Again

So Gene Weingarten from The Washington Post wrote an article called "Monkey Business" about men and women and their sexual fluidity, based on that New York Times trend piece from a couple weeks ago. But since the title of the article had the word "monkey" in it, and the accompanying picture was of a cartoon monkey, WaPo needed to clear up any misconceptions vis-a-vis The Post cartoon and our current president.

The headline, illustration and text of "Below the Beltway," a column in The Washington Post Magazine today, may cause offense to readers. The magazine was printed before a widely publicized incident last week in which a chimpanzee attacked and badly mauled a woman in Stamford, Conn. In addition, the image and text inadvertently may conjure racial stereotypes that The Post does not countenance. We regret the lapse.

You know, it took the Post about 4 days to sorta-apologize for their monkey comic. WaPo's correction was printed the same day as the cartoon. That's how you know they printed it on purpose to drum up controversy.

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No. 1 · Rhonda

Poor Saturday Night Live is doomed. Four years they will have to tip-tow around about the color of The One's skin, but never fear we will be able to laugh again in four years.

Posted: Feb 23, 2009 at 2:58 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
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