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Reactions To The New CNN
People With Too Much Spare Time Are Quick To Weigh In
July 2nd, 2007

CNN has decided to redesign their homepage, and the reactions are, as they say, mixed.

Of the 282 comments (seriously, who are these people??) posted under the official relaunch announcement on the blog, most of the reactions were negative, and all were surprisingly intense in nature.

Several individuals described the new site as “generic and cold,” or “sterile,” and with many disappointed by the new offputting appearance (”I want a warmer, more comforting feeling when I come to CNN” –Bobby Logan) some threatened to take their business elsewhere (”I think I’ll change my home page to msnbc” –Lori) while others demanded justice (”A shake-up in whatever people are responsible is in order.)

Meanwhile, still others criticized the site from a technological perspective, with one commenter observing, “after a year of development you would hope at least there would not be 134 validation errors on the home page.”

The most common gripe, however, was the overwhelming percentage of video-only content (complete with advertising ‘prelude’) which many lamented as invasive and unwanted, and disgruntled user characterized as, “nothing short of forced commercialism.”

Ultimately, however, the overall reaction to the new CNN might best described in a format resembling the website’s own summer bullet points.

• New website = shitty
• ‘Too much video, not enough text’ complain purists
• Some users alienated by ‘coldness, sterility’
• CNN commenters are insane

Yep, that about sums it up.

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