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David Frum And Keith Olbermann In Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!
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Blegh, weren't we past all this Boy who Cried Nazi b.s. by the time they made fun of it on The Daily Show? Guess not, because David Frum whose on-air spat with Rachel Maddow on Monday led to some bad blood between Bush's former speech writer and MSNBC, made a blog post(!) about Keith Olbermann's "Reichstag fire" comments, and now it's back to the Third Reich merry-go-round in the media:

Ketih Olbermann on me

I'm told last night he spoke about my outing on the Rachel Maddow show. Called me "naively idiotic or idiotically naive." Then he said

McCain and Palin have set the table for these outbursts with their attacks and then committed the sin of omission by not truly quelling them. Sort of like standing outside the Reichstag holding a gas can, and calmly suggesting that someone might want to call the fire department.

The Reichstag fire!

What an excellent riposte to the half dozen lunatics who have said foolish/offensive things at McCain-Palin rallies - have the most partisan Democratic broadcaster in the country call John McCain a Nazi!

Whoops, Keith, you did it again. You can't even allude to the events happening in Germany in World War 2 anymore without someone calling you on Nazi-baiting. If you can't tell, that's sarcasm and Keith Olbermann you are an idiot for giving Frum and his ilk that kind of leverage to accuse you of crying Nazi, even if you did it in a roundabout, oblique way (more of a Hitler's Youth comparison, really).

UPDATE: Turns out, Keith never made those comments last night. What Frum attributed to Olbermann was actually a piece from comedy news site 23/6, written by Ian Gurvitz. How does this even happen? Well, Frum can't even be bothered spell "Keith" right, let alone watch the man's show, so you can't fault the man for a couple slip-ups. You can however, fault him for everything he stands for as a human being, so go at it kids!

Oct 15, 2008 · posted by drew · Link · 1 Response
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No. 1 Shad Price says:

Looks like Frum pulled the entire blog post about this. The link you posted to the blog entry goes to a blank David Frum Diary page. :)

I guess rather than acknowledge he make a mistake and apologizing he's going to try and scrub it. Stupid mistake, when will they learn?

Posted: Oct 16, 2008 at 12:15 pm
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