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David Gregory Mouthed Off to a Waitress, Got Scolded by Tim Russert

Behind the MSNBCenes

Did David Gregory almost lose his shot at getting his show on MSNBC?

About a month ago, he joined NBC colleague Tim Russert at a Washington D.C. restaurant for dinner, where he showed his lack of appreciation for the help. David Gregory: Not a consummate dining companion?

The twosome's waitress somehow messed up their dinner order, and Gregory – who CBS is supposedly "enamored" with in their hunt for a Katie Couric replacement – let's say, caustically reminded her how bad she erred.

But the server wasn't the only one who got a scolding: Russert chewed Gregory out for his tactless behavior. "Russert warned Gregory never to behave that way in front of him again," says a spy.

And once MSNBC got wind of the story, they made Gregory "promise up and down to change his behavior" before they handed him the 6pm slot, we're told. Not to mention that this incident is not, we're assured, the first time Gregory has chewed out a less-than-competent service employee.

But the NBC staffers in D.C. wouldn't be surprised — that's his normal workplace behavior. "He still treats most of … the newsroom like shit," says a NBC insider. Not that the higher ups are reprimanding him for how he treats his staff or anything. Says our tattler: "Amazing how NBC cares more about food servers than about the people who have to deal with Gregory's arrogance every day."

But if Internet rumors are to be believed, perhaps a one Chris Matthews shares Mr. Gregory's impatience for sub-par service?

I trudged over to this thread because I have some Chris Matthews gossip.

I was dining at a pizzeria in Washington, DC.

Anyhoo, there was a backup in the kitchen and it was taking some time for everyone to get their pizza. My party waited about 25 minutes. I've been there many times before and this is very unusual for the place.

Chris Matthews and his wife are at the next table. He starts yelling at his waitress because the pizza is taking so long. And I'm not talking 'hey, where are the pizzas.' I mean, berating her. He even went so far as to call her a liar. Keep in mind this was after the poor girl, who was no more than 18 years old, told him she would box his pizzas and he could have them for free. Did he thank her for her offer? No. Instead he stands up and starts yelling and wildly gestulating. Over a frigging pizza.

He had to a foot taller than this girl, but he was in her face pointing and yelling like she was a guest on Hardball and she was embroiled in the lastest political scandal. He then stormed out, leaving his mortified wife to hash out the situation.

What an asshole. I, for one, won't be watching Hardball anymore. I watch it all the time and for the most part, I find his guest to be interesting. I actually like him when he tones down the interrupting and yelling.

But after last night, the sight of his mug makes me sick. The same goes for his wife, who's a local news anchor. I never would have let my husband treat a waitress like that. Well, OK, I don't have one, but if I did! You get my point.

Oh yeah, and Matthews, if you read this board? (1) We waited for our food, too and (2) Pick your goddamn battles, you bloated bully. [TWOP]

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No. 1 · hms

I have found that the way people treat service people tells a LOT about their character in general. If I was ever in the company of someone who treated the waitstaff with lack of dignity and respect, that would be the last time I ever spent time with that person AND I'd probably do EXACTLY what Russert did. I remember going to a restaurant with my cousin who married well and lives a very wealthy life. She was berating the waitstaff and I turned to her and said, "Don't forget, I remember when your name was …..(maiden name) and you and I lived across the street from each other in a (little blue collar suburb of Boston) in 5-room ranches and we put a plank of wood over your unfinished foundation and used that for a seesaw."
That shut her up and shut her down. In front of me, at least.

Posted: Apr 14, 2008 at 9:22 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 2 · ggere

Chris Matthews is a pig. A mean arrogant slob. He dislikes women and thinks he is smarter than everyone else when in fact he is a major ass hole. I stopped watching Msnbc cause I could no longer listen to his pro obama /anti hil diatribe.
He is a hack ….plain and simple . All the folks he has on as guests nist follow his 'talking points' hey MORON CHRIS ??? why would Ms Clinton go on your tacky college tour after you had the balls to say that the reason she is a Senator is because Bill was a cheat ?? are you INSANE ?? I would say yes….. if every woman who had a cheating spouse became a major success then you might have a point but she is an accomplished woman and you…..a low brow HACK

Posted: Apr 14, 2008 at 9:46 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 3 · ggere

ahh yes , forgot….you droooool saliva all over your face when you talk. MORON

Posted: Apr 14, 2008 at 9:47 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 4 · Ryan

There seems to be some sort of plot to get Matthews of late.

Posted: Apr 14, 2008 at 6:36 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 5 · nina

I work in D.C. and have been in David Gregory's presence. He thinks he's better than everyone else. "I'm a journalist- a white house correspondent, a network anchor, my father was a so and so. I'm married to a doctor. How dare you look at me? How dare you speak to me? Don't you know I'm a serious journalist?" He's a big spoiled silver spoon in the mouth idiot with little or no interest in "regular folk".

Posted: Apr 14, 2008 at 9:49 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 6 · Brian

I have heard the horror stories. Sometimes waiters and waitresses can be lazy and rude. I think we've all experienced this at one time or another. However, to berate anyone in public is simply unacceptable. If you're not happy with the service, just get up and leave. The message will be hear loud and clear by the waitress and the management. Only people with little self esteem need to make themselves feel better by belittling someone else in public. I used to work in the radio business and one of our DJs was an arrogant bully who got what he wanted by yelling and pouting like a little child. His ego led him to believe that everyone loved him, when in fact he was universally hated by everyone that worked with him. The media is filled with jerks. I hope Matthews and Gregory get a taste of their own medicine. Maybe it will make them better people.

Posted: Apr 15, 2008 at 10:00 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 7 · Darlene


Some news/information on your favorite MSNBC anchors that you might be interested in.


Posted: Apr 15, 2008 at 10:21 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 8 · Dee

I wasn't that familiar with David Gregory but prior to the New Hampshire primary I tuned in to the Today show every day and he was co anchoring with Meredith Vieria, both were equally condescending, she practically ripped Hillary a new a–hole and he smirked his way through his interview w/ Barack while he had his lips planted firmly on his behind. There is nothing interesting about him at all and Meredith, who I thought "was a real newswoman" as she was always billed on the View belongs on the View and nothing more. Her double entendre jokes are embarassing, Matt Lauer doesn't not look like he's in love every morning.

Posted: Apr 15, 2008 at 4:02 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 9 · Steve

No surprise that David Gregory acts like that, he's a left-wing liberal piece of trash.

Posted: Apr 15, 2008 at 6:12 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 10 · Ardyjay

Bet this ass eats a lot more of other peoples bodily fluids than he's aware of. Serves the brown nosing jerk right!

Posted: Apr 15, 2008 at 7:28 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 11 · Ardyjay

"LEFT WING LIBERAL" The way he sucks it for Bush and Rove? Get your head out of your ass!

Posted: Apr 15, 2008 at 7:30 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 12 · Jay

Someone with connections needs to check out the circumstances of why Matthew's car was stopped by the Chalres Town, WV police on Monday night. Right near the race track/slot machine place.

Posted: Apr 16, 2008 at 8:47 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 13 · calvin

these are IMUS "worshippers" i guess it rubs off on you after years of bowing and kowtowing to the master. [mr imus]. they have took on the personality of imus, and behavior of imus and his sidekicks. now ain't this the truth? yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa.

Posted: Apr 17, 2008 at 1:47 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 14 · stevia

@nina you have no credibility. He's not, and therefore would not say that, he's married to a doctor.

Posted: Apr 17, 2008 at 8:46 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 15 · initiatedsean441

tell it stevia….David always presents as witty, urbane, comfortable in his own skin kinda chap in public + has a healthy give and take within his peer group;granted he has a 'suffer no fools gladly' personality - the traits that made him so effective as White House Correspondent - something seems totally distorted in regards to the 'out to dinner w the boss' story . . ….

Posted: Apr 20, 2008 at 9:11 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 16 · Nick

On the "Tell me something I don't know" segment of the April 20, Chris Matthews Show David Gregory said that President Bush was going to climb Masada. He suggested the President would hike up instead of take the tram - Matthews interjected that the President was going to be one of the Roman soldiers. How incredibly uncalled for - offensive is that?

Posted: Apr 20, 2008 at 8:16 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 17 · Bruce

Some mouth breather mentioned Gregory was on Imus and that we were commenting. Let me make it clear. Since the Imus mess in April 2007 and since returning on December 3, 2007. David Gregory has never been invited to Imus' new show.

He no longer is an I-Fav. Russert has and that's it.

Imus has very little to do with folks from the now losing network MSNBC. He is doing better then ever in his new home at WABC Radio and affiliates across the Country. And RFD-TV broadcast from the Rainbow studios across from Madison Square Gardens.

In a way Imus is happy he is out of WFAN and MSNBC. By the way, WFAN (CBS Radio's) flagship station has lost $15 million dollars since Imus was un-ceremoniously fired.

Gregory has always been a nut in my opinion. Chris Matthews I like sometimes, but he is not one of my favorites.

Posted: Apr 21, 2008 at 9:35 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 18 · Tim

I'm certain Gregory is a closet conservative - just dont tell his wife, a Clinton Administration lawyer.

Seems like ties to the Democratic Party is prerequisite to getting a job in network news, except at the one unbalanced and unfair netowrk.

Posted: Jun 14, 2008 at 11:08 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 19 · Paul

David Gregory has a face made for radio. I find him very disturbing to look at — almost rodent-like. If the bosses at NBC are smart (and I doubt they are) they will use this time of change to clean house and get rid of the whole lot of them. MSNBCOBAMA's lack of credibility is rubbing off on NBC in a major way.

Posted: Jun 15, 2008 at 7:24 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 20 · Alex

David is a Classic Narcissist, with all of the unappealing character traits of that diagnosis. Banning David from the Moderator's Chair on the Meet the Press set would be a great and fitting tribute to Tim Russert.

Posted: Jun 16, 2008 at 10:56 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 21 · wade brady

I googled 'david gregorys an asshole' and found this sight. It appears to be a widely held opinion. Chris matthews too. imagine that!

Posted: Nov 23, 2008 at 8:58 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
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