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The Show Everyone Is Talking About Is Now Being Watched By Some of Those People
Dawn Ostroff Breathes Giant Sigh of Relief

The ratings are in! The ratings are on it! Gossip Girl survived, and indeed flourished, during its second season premiere last night. Despite that stupid plotline with Blair and the British lord, GG saw a 6% increase among adults 18-49 for a total of and pulled in a total of 3.4 million viewers.

The result of an extensive promotional campaign, both IRL and online (*cough*), this is good news for the channel. might Dawn Ostroff & Co. have managed to turn Gossip Girl, and tonight's premiere of the revamped 90210, into defibrillator to overcome the flat lining of the network? No longer will the endless seasons of One Tree Hill keep The CW alive all by its lonesome.

Of course, you'll have to wait till tomorrow when the 90210 ratings are in to find out if lightning strikes twice for offensive ad campaigns.

Sep 2, 2008 · posted by drew · Link · Respond
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