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Elle's Reality Show Fashionista Has Staffers Running for the Sick Bay
The Post-Nina Garcia Apocalypse

Ever since Robbie Myers and Joe Zee decided they wanted their own television project, the Elle brand has taken hit after hit. While they got Nina Garcia to guest spot on Ugly Betty, the fall out from firing her couldn't have been the type of publicity they were after.

Then last week, Ben Widdicombe reported contestants on Elle's reality show Fashionista were "getting under the feet of people who are actually trying to run the magazine"; nevermind the show is being filmed in a fake office.

Now we hear the guest judges Elle has enlisted to grade the contestants keep canceling, which means Elle editorial staffers are being pressured to fill in. Meanwhile, "a number" of senior editors at the mag are "furious" over having to film the show on weekends, two days that are supposed to be a reprieve from the grind. So how are those Elle staffer retaliating?

"Some of the editors now call in sick" during the weekday that the show films, since they don't want to be a part of it.

Apr 21, 2008 · Link · 1 Response
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