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Media Blitz: Air America fighting for oxygen / Jossip
Media Blitz: Air America fighting for oxygen
— Tue, Sep 27, 2005 —

• Google flipped its rivalry with Yahoo over the sizes of their search indexes into a marketing gimmick, asking users to guess how many billions of pages it's scoured.

• Meanwhile, Google is taking back its one-year blacklist of CNet after a scribe used Google's own search engine to find out information about its execs. Finally they're getting the hang of this PR thing.

• Air America is scrounging for cash, begging listeners to help keep it afloat by donating cash and buying schwag. Embarrassingly, unlike NPR, Air America is a for-profit venture.

• By now, Katie Couric is used to being thrashed in the media, but that won't stop her from showing a little leg.

Graydon Carter confirmed the widely acknowledged rumors that Tom Ford was brought on board to oversee Vanity Fair's next Hollywood photo spread.

• The average person spends nine hours each day consuming media .. and exactly 15 seconds forgetting about it.

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