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Angelina Jolie loves Africa the 'country' / Jossip
Angelina Jolie loves Africa the 'country'
— Wed, Sep 14, 2005 —

Oh, Angelina Jolie! How you almost had us fooled with those seductive eyes, full lips and kids too cute to pay too much attention to you. All your U.N. ambassadorship'ing made us think of you as the most worldly Hollywooder among them all.

And then, well, you said this:

"Africa is beautiful, marvelous, smart people, strong people, strong country and has a potential to be so much," Jolie said. "I'd love to see Africa flourish. ... It's magnificent and it has so much hope, so much possibility."

Africa the country? Maddox and Zahara have so much hope, too, so long as you're not their geography teacher. Let's hire a tutor for them, shall we?

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