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Corynne Steindler rides the J train / Jossip
Corynne Steindler rides the J train
— Mon, Dec 12, 2005 —

(And you thought blogging in your pajamas was just a myth.)

After more than two years at the helm of Jossip, we thought it'd be about time to throw in the proverbial towel for a life filled with more than inboxes stuffed with legal papers, publicists' unreturned calls and a Klonopin prescription written explicity for our Jason Binn coverage.

But nooo, our contrived plan to avoid holding down a real job just out of college means instead of letting this website fall apart like Wikipedia's reputation, we're bringing on new help. So please join us in welcoming Jossip's new editor, Corynne Steindler, who comes to us from (among others) Star magazine and the pages of Lloyd Grove's gossip column.

Having endured the authoritarian ship that Bonnie Fuller sails, she just about asked to pay us to write for Jossip. Our accountant and legal counsel, while noting that would be a smart financial move, were a little concerned about accusations of indentured servitude that Blogebrity might throw at us.

Starting today, Corynne will be handling most of Jossip's day-to-day, while current editor David Hauslaib will be spending the next few weeks wiping the names of Jessica Simpson, Judith Miller and Jon Friedman from his mind. Actually, since Jon-Jon publishes a column like, every single day, David's not going anywhere. He can't. There's just too much Friedman to fry.

So he'll still be here in some form, chugging along as his celebrity and media gossip train plows through David Carr's comments.

Now go ahead and give Corynne your luke warmest hello: her email is Oh, and give her some time to fall in line as well. We can't all be expert conformists right out of the womb.

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