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Project 601: Demi & Ashton's Punk'd wedding / Jossip
Project 601: Demi & Ashton's Punk'd wedding
— Mon, Sep 26, 2005 —

You mean Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's weekend "wedding" was one big publicity stunt to help hype his new season of Punk'd? And Us Weekly – who took credit for the exclusive – got majorily punk'd by Ashton & Co.?

We just got a note from a one John B. Meyers, the same fella whose name is on the domain name registration of, the purported voicemail dumpsite of the That 70s Show star and who denies any association with the "duo" posting the messages.

I wanted to let you know that the Us "exclusive" about Ashton and Demi getting married is WRONG. Ashton Kutcher is pulling a series of elaborate pranks on the news media for the premiere of his MTV show PUNK'D. I have inside information on this (see e-mail below). I am willing to talk exclusively with the highest bidder.

I'm sending this out to a dozen news orgs simultaneously, so write back ASAP if you are interested. Would be a shame to have Us Punk'd without being able to write the retraction yourselves.

Say it isn't so, Demi! But snaps to John Meyers, who's trying to milk this for all it's worth thanks to his intimate knowledge of how the website is being used to promote the stunt.

Oh, and snaps to PMK/HBH, who have this missive going around about something by the name of "601":

About part 2 of the stunt: preparations for the ceremony are in full swing, and its actually MORE hell than preparing a real wedding, if that's possible. Please note that the start time has been CHANGED to 8:00 pm, due to a fuckup with the caterer, so we need everyone there NO LATER than 4:00 pm. Players need to be fully miked and in costume by 5:45 pm. Please remember that not everyone attending knows that this is for the show, so bring your a-game and keep your mouth shut. Media is working on some big publicity for this in some major tabs, so don't talk to anyone you don't have to. As always,if anyone asks anything before we've staged the reveal, DENY.

We're planning for part 3 to begin the week of 10/3, but let's deal with that after this nightmare is finished (I mean, joyous matrimony.)

Or maybe we're the ones getting punk'd and, quite honestly, thanks for caring.

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