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2006 Grammy Awards: Kanye West doesn't win every Grammy / Jossip
2006 Grammy Awards: Kanye West doesn't win every Grammy
— Thu, Feb 9, 2006 —

Switching back between Lost and The Grammys was the most challenging activity of the week. Lost rocked so much harder than the music awards anyways, considering every performance we caught, people were half dying. Aerosmith? Ok, well, they weren't as bad as The Rolling Stones, (even though Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler are only like 5 years apart) but what's with the oldies?

Madonna gave new meaning to the last syllable in leotard, while Kanye West needs to consult Lindsay Lohan on getting himself a "breathe" tattoo. By the time he got on stage for Gold Digger he was gasping so hard we thought he might collapse. (Celebs don't fall, they collapse.)

And, the fact that Green Day beat him out for Record of the Year was sort of awesome. Not that we don't love Kanye, but his "I should win the Grammy for everything because I'm the son of God" attitude got a little boring after a while.

In case you were sleeping, or doing something way more fun that watching TV last night, here's the need-to-know winners update. We have no idea who Bono's sucking off over there, by the way, but we are getting really sick of U2 ... and we'll still be sick of them in eight years when they play at the Super Bowl.

The winner's circle (also known as the Cristal corner) after the jump.

• Album of the Year: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, U2

• Record of the Year: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Green Day

• Song of the Year: Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own, U2

• Best New Artist: John Legend

• Best Rock Song: City Of Blinding Lights, U2

• Best R&B Song: We Belong Together, Mariah Carey

Best Country Song: Bless the Broken Road" Rascal Flatts

Best Rap Song: Diamonds from Sierra Leone, D. Harris & Kanye West

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The 48th Grammy Awards []

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