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Bid 2 Beat AIDS: Get Lindsay Lohan's special sauce / Jossip
Bid 2 Beat AIDS: Get Lindsay Lohan's special sauce
— Mon, Dec 5, 2005 —

We may not be able to offer you Lindsay Lohan's smashed Mercedes, but a signed bottle of her own ketchup? C'mon, that's so much better!

And if you get your bid in before Dec. 11, said bottle of Heinz's "Burger-Licious" with Lindsay's scrawl could be yours. (Note: Due to health concerns, the ketchup may very well be unhealthy for you to actually eat. It's, like, just about past the expiration date.)

It's all part of our team up with the Bid 2 Beat AIDS eBay auction to benefit LIFEBeat. And since it's our goal to generate as much cash for their efforts, we'd also like to point you to the opportunity to have your outgoing voicemail message be recorded by none other than Bradford Shellhammer, blogger extraordinaire and the editor of Jossip's gay blog Queerty.

The most amusing part? Bradford's vocals already have three bids — and there are nine days left.

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Bid 2 Beat AIDS
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