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Blogging to Blog: Chris Mohney's true Gawker tale / Jossip
Blogging to Blog: Chris Mohney's true Gawker tale
— Tue, Jul 12, 2005 —

Chris Mohney is a smart fellow. He'd been trolling Mediabistro job listings daily (we're guessing) and sent out more emails than PRNewswire, all in hopes of landing a media gig that didn't involve hand-washing Dave Kurns' boxer briefs.

But it was his inner self-publicist that finally landed him a paying gig: editor of Gawker Media travel blog (and public embarrassment) Gridskipper. All it took was an anon-a-blog chronicling everything Gawker (you know it as Gawkerist, not to be confused with Young Manhattanite or Standard Deviance, which effectively do the same thing). In just three days of endless narrating, he landed a lunch with managing editor and perennial Nick Denton fiddle Lockhart Steele.

My perky and expensively composed resume had been emailed around the block so much that it probably triggered spam filters, so I decided that I needed to pull an attention-getting stunt. I hoped to attract a few freelance gigs, or even a shot at some midlevel masthead turf. Ultimately, I found myself packed into a Soho beer garden with the mandarins of Gawker Media, introducing myself as the new, permanent editor the Gawker Media travel blog Gridskipper.

The "stunt" I pulled was writing an anonymous blog called Gawkerist that paid an absurd level of attention to Gawker Media blogs and bloggers. Everything about Gawkerist was meticulously, cynically planned, except the end result????????actually working for Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton. I only told two people about Gawkerist????????my girlfriend and an old pal safely ensconced in hometown Alabama. To both, I explained that since New York media types were always interested in Gawker Media (albeit sometimes begrudgingly), it seemed like a logical topic to attract their attention.

Ranking on media worked for Gawker's last two editors, helping them land positions at the very media they ridiculed (and wrote for), so it's no surprise the same tactic worked in reverse.

Do we even need to add that we have a resume email attachment with our finger on "Send"?

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