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To blog about work is to get Dooced / Jossip
To blog about work is to get Dooced
— Wed, Sep 28, 2005 —

Move over Nadine Haobsh. You're not the only one in Midtown getting fired for your blog that's dishing on your workplace malfeasence. Now former publicist Kelly Kreth is joining the list of Manhattan Doocers after her assistant (that bitch!) tattled to superiors about her blog.

She says she was booted from the company when they read her rant blasting one of her superiors.

"I never mentioned the company or anyone I worked with by name," she asserted. "But [my assistant] found an entry dated Jan. 11 where I talk about how I feel [a superior] is shrill and loud and classless."

That, says Kreth, led the superior to accuse her of making a threatening phone call to her around the same time.

"Besides getting fired, I had to go in for police questioning," she said.

Oh, and you didn't hear the best part yet: Her loud-mouth assistant got promoted to her spot.

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