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Unlike Arianna Huffington, ex-Jane editor Brandon Holley is taking a novel approach to web journalism: paying writers! The founding maestra of Yahoo’s lady site Shine, Holley – who refuses to call the outfit a web magazine, but rather a website set up to resemble a blog, which is so much bettersays that if they find Shine users who blog enough to become “very, very popular, we would probably make them columnists. Nothing will happen for the first several months, because we sort of need to see how this comes out.” That is, to see if they can make any money first. So it’s not exactly a novel approach, but at least there’s a possibility Shine’s business plan has a clause about paying talent.

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Brandon Holley, former editor of Jane and job candidate with likely zero Internet experience, takes a leadership role at Yahoo, handling their “food, health, astrology, tech and green editorial content.” She’ll also be responsible for overseeing new launches. [MW]

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In Fact, It's Kinda Like Comparing Apples And Oranges Articles About Pear-Shaped Women

Did you hear? Jane subscribers are now receiving complimentary copies of Glamour in the mail. Naturally, former Jane staffers are handling this unforeseen development with the requisite level of poise, maturity and grace.

Reports Page Six:

FORMER Jane magazine staffers are livid that Conde Nast is sending their one-time readers copies of Glamour now that Jane has bitten the dust. “I want all the Jane readers to just cancel, rather than get Glamour,” one ex-staffer griped. “I hope they call and say, ‘I don’t want this. Give me GQ, anything but this.’

Not sure what the big frickin’ deal is? One of many ex-Jane staffers explains!


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Suggests That Her Firing Was, In Retrospect, A Huge Fucking Mistake

You know what it’s like watching the magazine you created get flushed down the toilet several years after you “voluntarily” left the offices of Conde Nast kicking and screaming? According to the crazy (and not at all bitter!) Jane Pratt, it’s kind of like watching your second develop an incurable substance abuse problem. Or something.

“I feel like Sassy was my baby; I feel like Jane was my second baby,” said Ms. Pratt, who started Jane in 1997 and was the first editor of Sassy, a ground-breaking title for teen girls, before that. “I feel like I abandoned that baby and it went off and got on drugs or something. I do have guilt about that. What I really would have liked would have been to have kept more of a connection to the magazine.”

And by “I would have liked to have kept more of a connection to the magazine,” Pratt really means “I’m still pretty fucking pissed about getting fired, thrown out on the street and unceremoniously replaced by an incompetent stranger who’s named after a boy.” Or something.

Jul 11, 2007 · Link · 1 Response

This just in from Sirius Radio’s PR department:

This week Jane Pratt will do her Jane Radio show live Tuesday, July 10 at 1:00 pm ET, as well as Friday night from 6:00 ??? 8:00 pm ET. Pratt, founder and former editor-in-chief of Jane magazine, hosts Jane Radio exclusively on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. On Jane Radio Pratt takes calls and has an open dialogue with listeners from around the country. Jane Radio airs on SIRIUS Stars 102.

Can’t imagine what they’ll be talking about.

Jul 9, 2007 · Link · Respond

Jane magazine is closing down, if our inbox stuffers are to be believed. We’re told EIC Brandon Holley was among those who “only just found out” that Conde Nast was shutting things down. At least we’ll always have Glamour’s dating advice column.

Update: We’re told there’s “some talk” about continuing the magazine as an online operation, but we all know how that sort of thing goes.

Update 2: “Or not,” says a Jane insider, about things continuing online.

Update 3: Radar says the staff learned this morning. Gawker says the ad folks just found out, and everyone has to be out today.

Jul 9, 2007 · Link · 16 Responses
Brandon Holley weds John Deley, can't wait to tell readers about it in her editor's letter

Monday saw New York speculating former Jane editor Jane Pratt was leaving town, after her Downing Street townhouse (once owned by the Murdochs!) popped up for sale at $3.5 million.

Now Richard Johnson’s team brings word that Brandon Holley (Jane’s new EIC, not to be confused with the one-time Drew Barrymore paramour) has picked up an issue of Modern Brides – that magazine that lets women pretend they can have a career and a flowing white wedding dress! – and married musician boyfriend John Deley, whose band’s MySpace page might be this one.

It’s hard to tell which is more Jane: Getting married and settling down, or ditching all your responsibilities to live the high life.

May 22, 2007 · Link · Respond

Seventeen and Rolling Stone’s reality shows were certainly huge successes, right? So it makes total sense for Brandon Holley’s Jane to get in on the reality show bandwagon with The Fashionista Diaries, a new skein that “revolves around six fashion assistants - two in public relations, two in beauty, and two in magazines - as they scramble to fill their bosses every demand, appear non-threatening to other 20-somethings in their cubicle, and look hot doing it.”

As you might imagine, this type of fair is only suitable for HBO … and SoapNet, which is where it’ll air, likely sandwiched between primetime reruns of Y&R and B&TB.

They’re aiming to piggyback on the bump in readership and publicity that The Hills lent Teen Vogue, so it’s a decent trick not to make the show entirely about Jane. (That seems to be where the Hearst and Wenner titles stumbled.) But if there’s even a chance of Brandon Holley showing up to utter “That’s so Jane,” you can bet your newsstand sales that we’ll be tuning in.

May 7, 2007 · Link · Respond

Like it or not, Page Six leads today by chronicling the the most recent chapter of the Rosie/Donald feud, [”Rosie Grosses Out Media Elite”] which has long ago ceased to grab our interest. Anyway, the item itself was sort of lame (something about Rosie raising eyebrows with her crass, lowbrow crotch-grabbing humor at last night’s Matrix awards) but we nevertheless found it to be an enjoyable read.

‘But why?’ you might ask. Because of the following two quotes, masterfully presented back-to-back.

“I was offended by how vulgar and common O’Donnell was,” said Robert Zimmerman, a Democrat active in progressive causes. “It was especially inappropriate with young people present.”

Brandon Holley, editor-in-chief of Jane magazine, said, “I wasn’t personally offended, but I thought it was fun to watch other people be offended.”

Um, amazing.

In fact, we’re so impressed that we’re going to go out and grab ourselves a copy of Jane magazine right now. Mostly because we’re suddenly convinced that Brandon Holley is the funniest person ever. But partly because we just kinda want to see that boob spread everyone’s been talking about.

Apr 24, 2007 · Link · Respond

While Oprah and Gayle King spend their holiday gal palling around at the southern tip of the African continent, Jane editor Brandon Holley has already taken off for Liberia. And she’s blogging it! While it’s likely she’s doing something worthwhile like learning about the local traditions and giving pens to school children, we’ll still fault her for not bringing along 30-year-old Jane virgin blogger Sarah Dimuro. How else are Liberians supposed to see past the cultural image we’ve exported that we’re all hags like B. Spears?

Dec 19, 2006 · Link · Respond

As he does every year, Keith Kelly celebrates the holidays with a report on Conde Nast’s annual power luncheon, where Si Newhouse holds court over his editors and publishers and a well-choreographed seating chart lets each person know how pleased or disappointed Si is in circulation and ad pages.

Seated at Si’s right at Table 4 this year was Cindi Leive, the Glamour girl. Vanity Fair’s new publisher Edward Menicheschi had the left-hand seat. And seated far, far away, at Table 1? That would be VF editor Graydon Carter. Even sagging Jane editor Brandon Holley got better treatment than that.

Nov 30, 2006 · Link · Respond

If Jane magazine’s attempt at boosting its website traffic via 29-year-old virgin Sarah diMuro hasn’t annoyed you to the point of canceling your subscription, there’s one last chance for you to dump Brandon Holley’s rag. Tonight, as Sarah – who’s been going on Jane-funded dates picked by readers to find the man to lose her virginity to – turns 30, Jane staffers are gathering around the booze to hope someone gets laid. And if it ain’t diMuro, surely there’s a lowly staffer whose new eyeliner choice is the ticket to finding a man.

Nov 7, 2006 · Link · Respond

• We’re going blase Jane style and reporting this news two days after the fact. Jane mag’s EIC Brandon Holley is engaged. Congrats! (We bet it was the yearbook photo that won him over.) [FBNY]

• PETA has a new cause: keeping the bison safe from Ted Turner. [Page Six]

Britney Spears dumps yet another manny. She obviously would prefer to have a woman helping her, but (as dumb as she is) she probably realizes that Kevin Federline would knock the girl up in a week. [Star]

Gabe Sherman is really, really serious about running. Almost as serious as he is about reporting. Just something to consider on you cigarette break. [Slate]

• When a little girl is five, she can run around without a shirt and not be considered “sexy.” That’s what it means to be a kid. Then again, maybe Cindy Crawford should be protecting her daughter from skeeves like Lloyd Grove. [Lowdown]

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Seriously, we don’t know about the rest of you ladies out there, but sometimes we feel like Brandon Holley has a camera in our editor’s apartment. It’s kind of weird. Anyways … the advertisements for Jane continue.

After the “She Reads Kafka, She Knows Every Word to Zoolander” and “She Whitens Her Teeth, She Tells Dirty Jokes,” we now have one of the coolest Jane ads yet.

We don’t care if it makes us cliche, we think these ads are brilliant. Brilliant! Is there even any other reason to do yoga if not to perfect your keg stand? Though, if the next ad reads “She Writes a Blog, She Eats Leftover Chinese Food for Breakfast” we might get really freaked out.

(And, um David Zincenko? Could you please tell Copyranter that by calling every girl a slut, it’s contributing to his “not getting laid” situation?)

Jane calls the pose “Downward Facing Slutdog” [Copyranter]

Sep 15, 2006 · Link · Respond

The new ads for Jane magazine are in. Or is it out? Whatever, they’re there. Or here. And this time, the mag isn’t telling you how Jane Brandon Holley is, but they’re actually explaining how “you” Jane is.

As Copyranter deems it necessary to call Jane an “ignorant slut,” we wonder if we miss something. Is it now ignorant to read and slutty to whiten your teeth?

Anyways, it’s nice to see the magazine has gone from advertising their EIC to advertising the actual mag. And if the next issue is Jessica Joffe ad free, we will be absolutely tickled.

“Jane, you ignorant slut!” (apologies to Jane Curtin) [Copyranter]

Aug 2, 2006 · Link · Respond

Starting today, Thursday July 27, 2006, at 3 pm EST (which is, like, now) Jane magazine’s editors will be online, waiting to hear your pitch ideas.

Your dreams of being in Jane could come true … and you won’t even need to throw up your tofu to make it into a fashion spread! Is your cat depressed? Did your roommate turn into a lesbian and try to make out with you while you were in the shower? Where you seduced by Jeffrey Epstein? (Wait, actually, if you were, send that story to us, ok?)

Brandon Holley, along with her crew of editors will be signed on and ready to respond to readers with a story idea. We’re told that editors “don????????t have specific requests,” as of yet, “but say an editor is looking for information for a story or a source, she might go to the pitchfest and put out a query.” They’re looking for stories from all over as part of their whole “getting connected with the readers” thing.

Honestly, we feel like if Brandon gets any closer to her readers, she’s going to have to host a 3,000 person slumber party at her apartment. Why are you still reading this? Get your ass over to and try to try to get your story published, minus the cheesey cover letter.

Jul 27, 2006 · Link · Respond

Upon browsing the Jane magazine website today, we noticed a little announcement buried between videos of Anne Hathaway and questions for Kevin Connolly. “Dinner with Brandon” the box read, and our intrigue overwhelmed us. The editor in chief of the hottest 20 something magazine invites randoms over for dinner at the Jane office? So cool.

We decided to give Brandon Holley a call to see what this whole “dinner with Brandon” thing was all about. Apparently it has been going on since she started at the mag about a year ago. But she’s assured us the event is picking up speed faster than the nautical look. Truthfully we were just thrilled that the EIC was willing to even talk to us. Most of them just hang up.

So, what goes on at these inter office gatherings? How can you get on the guest list? Should you bring your resume and pitch your ideas? We’ve got the goods on the debonaire dinners, after the jump. Yum!

Jun 29, 2006 · Link · Respond

Invitations to a screening of The Devil Wears Prada are rumored to have gone out to the executive and editorial assistants of top magazine EIC’s. The invites were addressed to “Asst. to Graydon Carter,” “Asst. to Ingrid Sischy,” so on and so forth.

The stunt, which was pulled together by a PR team at Harrison & Shriftman’s, was intended to douse the “finest high powered assistants in town,” in Corzo tequila and cover them in Sephora make-up. Sounds fun. But, uh, you’d think that if they were making such a big deal out of this “you’re an important person” crap, they would have at least addressed the invitations by name, instead of ” to Brandon Holley’s bitch.”

Like, it took us three minutes to find out the names of Catherine Strawn (Ass’t to Brandon Holley), Jon Kelly, Leigh Herzig (Ass’ts to Graydon Carter), Karen Wilson (Ass’t to Ingred Sischy), and Wendy Hanson (Ass’t to Charla Lawhorn).

Now we know why we’ve never fucking heard of Corzo tequila.

Peon Homage [Sara James, WWD]

Jun 15, 2006 · Link · Respond

We knew they had an “only the best for Condes” policy over at 4 Times Square. But (call us naive) we had no idea Si Newhouse was actually buying his employees $4 million apartments. More or less. Hey, these folks can’t be entertaining the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Marc Jacobs in a Brooklyn loft.

As today’s Observer reports, the top Conde editors must live in top Manhattan properties. It all began in the 90s, when Uncle Si reportedly picked up the mortgage on Tina Brown’s $4 million four bedroom pad on East 57th St. But why stop there?

Over 20 Cond???? Nast executives, editors and even a couple of writers have either been loaned money directly by the company (sometimes listed as the overarching corporation, Advance Publications) or had the media giant secure mortgages in order to purchase properties, according to city records.

A brief rundown of what exactly it costs Conde Nast to hold on to their socialite editors … and their socialite statuses.

Anna Wintour: Her and her husband took out a $200,000 mortgage on their Greenwich Village townhouse — “with Cond???? Nast lending the money.”

Graydon Carter: Him and his first wife Cynthia bought their four story Bank St. townhouse in 1999. “Shortly thereafter, the couple took out a $3.841 million mortgage, with Advance lending the money.

David Remnick : He signed a contract for a West 86th Street duplex listed at $3.25 million. “Advance secured the loan.”

Jim Nelson: After taking over as EIC of GQ, “Nelson moved into a co-op apartment in a Chelsea brownstone, with Advance serving as the secured party.”

Oh, and they threw Ariel Foxman a couple thou for his “oversized” one-bedroom spread. We wonder if Si is going to by his favorite Fairstepchild Brandon Holley a downtown crashpad, of if it’s only the “real” Conde editors who get houses?

It????????s Condo Nast: Newhouse Keeps Editors Housed [Michael Calderone, New York Observer]

Apr 5, 2006 · Link · Respond

At this point, we have a glass of gin (light on the tonic) in hand and are smoking in the apartment. Via the Fishbowler, the news that really is bringing a tear to our already salty ojos:

Elle Girl, headed by Christina Kelly since the departure of she’s so Jane Brandon Holley, will say goodbye with their June/July issue.

One source says staffers were alerted earlier today, and that the June/July issue will be its last.

Shocking, too, because, 2005 was a monster year for ElleGirl in terms ad pages and revenue ???????? taking in over $33 million in advertising revenue on 750 ad pages, increases of 77 percent and 46 percent, respectively. And in 2006, the magazine was outpacing 2005’s numbers through February.

UPDATE: Women’s Wear Daily allows us to remove the question mark.

What the fuck is going on? What are we supposed to read at the gym now? How are we supposed to know what our little sisters are listening to on their iPods or what’s cool in pre-teen feminism?

Inside Mischa Barton’s home we can live without — but inside her heart? We just don’t know if we can make it without that.

Ellegirl To Fold [WWD, Sara James]
Elle Girl to Fold [Fishbowl, NY]

Earlier: Christina Kelly loves your body

Apr 4, 2006 · Link · Respond