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Pizza and Beer at Jane Magazine? So Brandon Holley / Jossip
Pizza and Beer at Jane Magazine? So Brandon Holley
— Thu, Jun 29, 2006 —

Upon browsing the Jane magazine website today, we noticed a little announcement buried between videos of Anne Hathaway and questions for Kevin Connolly. "Dinner with Brandon" the box read, and our intrigue overwhelmed us. The editor in chief of the hottest 20 something magazine invites randoms over for dinner at the Jane office? So cool.

We decided to give Brandon Holley a call to see what this whole "dinner with Brandon" thing was all about. Apparently it has been going on since she started at the mag about a year ago. But she's assured us the event is picking up speed faster than the nautical look. Truthfully we were just thrilled that the EIC was willing to even talk to us. Most of them just hang up.

So, what goes on at these inter office gatherings? How can you get on the guest list? Should you bring your resume and pitch your ideas? We've got the goods on the debonaire dinners, after the jump. Yum!

How often do these dinners take place at the Jane office?

We started having the dinners at the office when I first started, but they've become more intense lately. We're actually up to a dinner a week. My staffers love me for keeping them past six so often.

What types of meals are served at these dinners?

So far we've just done pizza. I guess we gotta' change it up a bit.

Do you do beer?

You know, we don't do beer ... but we could do beer. You're right. We should have beer!

Who comes to these dinners? Is it just readers, or mostly recent grads with aspirations of working in mags?

It's mostly readers. They can apply through the site, or sometimes they write in. We also have done things like hand out cards on the street "you and five friends are invited to dinner at Jane." Last night we had the girls from NYU publishing class, and that was fun. It will be six editors and six to ten readers, and we just talk and chat. It also gives us a good idea of what our readers are interested in. There's always a good mix of girls. Sometimes they are interested in magazines, and they bring their resumes or pitch ideas — it's a good way to get a foot in the door at least.

What do you talk about?

The girls we invite always like to talk about music ... last night was a lot of sex talk. We get ideas from our readers — like good stories for our prank section — they are really inspiring. Surprising they're least favorite subject is celebrities. We ask them who they want to see on the cover and they're all like, "eh?" They don't care.

We talk about sex, parties, hangovers, clothes, politics ... things that 20 something girls' lives revolve around.

Sounds like fun, right? Why not take your chance and sign up here? (Totally worth it ... our editor won a lunch break with Graydon Carter through this type of thing!) Plus, Brandon said be sure to mention Jossip when you apply (totally ups your chances based on your obvious pop culture savvy). We're so going to try and snag an invite ... do you think she'll consider doing margaritas?

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