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Turns Out The HBO Prez Has More To Worry About Than Just An Angry AA Sponsor / Jossip
Turns Out The HBO Prez Has More To Worry About Than Just An Angry AA Sponsor
— Wed, May 9, 2007 —

Yesterday, HBO chief Chris Albrecht announced that he's temporarily stepping down, and revealed that he's a recovering alcoholic, who may have (allegedly!) hit his girlfriend after a booze-fueled relapse.

Today, we find out that Albrecht has previously dabbled in the art of assault and battery. And that HBO did nothing.

(Well, unless you count paying a hefty sum to make it all disappear).

Read on for details of the climactic extramarital affair, that culminates in an (alleged) strangling!

In 1991, Time Warner Inc.'s HBO paid a settlement of at least $400,000 to a female subordinate [Sascha Emerson] with whom Albrecht was romantically involved after she alleged that he shoved and choked her...Emerson, who had joined HBO in 1986, was senior vice president at HBO Independent Productions and reported directly to Albrecht. By 1990, the two had become romantically involved...By the time the incident occurred, Emerson and Albrecht had ended their trysts.

Albrecht allegedly assaulted Emerson in her office in Century City when she told him she had been dating someone else, said one person close to Emerson. Albrecht allegedly threw her from her chair to the ground, the person said. She reported the confrontation to HBO Chief Michael Fuchs, the person said...HBO launched an internal investigation. At the conclusion, lawyers for Emerson and HBO began settlement talks.

And while naturally, we're shocked and awed at HBO's complicity in this (alleged) cover-up, that's not what surprises us the most. When all is said in done, we're having a much harder time believing that the creative genius who masterminded The Sopranos could turn out to be an intrinisically violent "boss," whose high-stress job as network head honcho has led him to stray from his marriage, battle alcohol abuse and commit multiple criminal acts.

Seriously, how do they come up with this stuff??

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