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RCA's suspicious shunning of Clay Aiken / Jossip
RCA's suspicious shunning of Clay Aiken
— Thu, Mar 30, 2006 —

As with any good news, there must come bad news — or at least that's the way it works for Clay Aiken fans.

Since his gay sex scandal with Green Beret-cum-up-and-coming porn star John Paulus broke, his publicist was quick to plant him eating out with bevies of ladies all over (or at least he's rumored to be rumored to be seen with bevies of ladies). Now what's his record label RCA's plan to avoid fan backlash? Flip into disaster mode faster than Brad Grey and pull Clay's album from its release list.

When an fresh list of upcoming releases hit RCA's website over the weekend, the line up included Clay's sophomore record. Less than 24 hours later, Claynation noticed the June 20 date had been pulled. First the Brokeback Mountain snub, now this? It's only a matter of time before Jesse Metcalfe never sees a soundstage again.

Clay's release date removed from RCA website... [Clayboard]
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