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Colin Farrell is not so happy with Jossip / Jossip
Colin Farrell is not so happy with Jossip
— Fri, Jan 13, 2006 —

Just when we thought we were done with legal papers for the (very early) morning, we hear from Colin Farrell's attorneys.

By now you've probably seen the completely tongue-in-cheek (well, at least it wasn't tounge in vagina, like some sites) screencap image we've been using to accompany our all-Colin Farrell, all the time coverage of his sex tape with Nicole Narain. Well, you weren't the only one: Colin's attorneys saw it too and, thanks to that silly injunction issued by the Honorable David Yaffe in Los Angeles, we've been forced to remove it.

But don't worry, not all of our fun has to be spoiled.

There is no court order, after all, barring us from republishing the cease and desist letter that just arrived in fax machine, inbox, and ???????? if only because it was midnight here in New York when the beeps and buzzes started sounding ???????? nearly our door from our new friends at Lavely & Singer.

Because if you can't peak at stills of Colin going down on Nicole, at the very least you can read about how much Colin doesn't want you to peak at stills of him going down on Nicole.

The legalese, after the jump.

All the redacted bits? Contact info you could probably find anyhow.

(No scroll bars in the pop up windows? Try using your Page Up and Page Down keys.)

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