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Jossip Exclusive!! Colin Farrell sex tape proprietor speaks / Jossip
Jossip Exclusive!! Colin Farrell sex tape proprietor speaks
— Wed, Jan 11, 2006 —

Since we've got nothing better to do than send off emails to anonymous Hotmail accounts at 1am, we decided it might be worthwhile to check in with "John Taylor," the man (of many, it turns out) behind Colin Farrell's least favorite Internet site, In an exclusive interview with Jossip (MUST! CREDIT!! JOSSIP!!!), he reveals the original owner of the tape is still set to make money off the Internet sales.

Jossip: How did you get your hands on the tape?
John Taylor: I was given it anonymously. Apparently the owner of the tape had been advised that I was one of a very small group of people who could get this tape out anonymously, whilst still making a dollar or two. I am the
technical consultant to the project, and not the owner or driver for the purposes of your question.

Is it just you behind the site, or are there more people involved?
I have no idea how many people are behind the scenes. I was just given the role of building this operation on their behalf.

Are you in any way connected to the lawsuit (or the parties involved) filed by Farrell against (among others) David Hans Schmidt?
Not that I am aware of.

The AP is reporting was taken down because of legal action, not because of the overwhelmed servers. Which is the case?
We put up a couple of offshore servers, and they were overwhelmed with visitors. Before we lost the servers, our traffic logs showed an immense response far larger than we had anticipated. To date, I have not received
any legal representations from any party.

Do you know Colin or Nicole Narain?
No - only by reputation.

Who's profiting from the sale of the tape on
The people who supplied me with the tape to distribute.

We're also told the folks behind expect to have a global network of servers online within 24 to 48 hours to meet demand. Can you wait a day or two for your naughty Nicole Narain footage? We thought not.

And further, the video is wrapped up with digital rights management technology, so it's going to take a couple more hours for some tech-savvy porn peddlers to get this on BitTorrent.

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