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Conde Caffers Denied Such Life Essentials as Diet Root Beer and BLT's / Jossip
Conde Caffers Denied Such Life Essentials as Diet Root Beer and BLT's
— Thu, Aug 10, 2006 —

We have no idea what the bigger shocker is: Lloyd Grove bringing us another funny piece of news, or reading that the folks at Conde Nast actually eat. Lowdown hit the 4 Times Square Cafe, only to discover (gasp!) some of royal palaces members' needs were not being met.

Imagine — Conde's cafe has quite a cranky crew of cafeteria workers. How ever does giving celery to stick figures while they whack you with their Balenciagas make people so sarcastic and rude? A sample from the Conde cafe message board:

"Trisha" asked for "a jelly w/no sugar added and brown rice for sushi," and went on: "Can you order more diet root beer ... and more vanilla low-cal yogurt?" The cafeteria's typed answer: "Yes we will order these things ... just as soon as we change the cafe into a Health Food Store."

"Russell" asked: "How about a BLT station for the summer? Wheat toast, hickory smoked bacon, the whole nine yards!" The cafeteria's response: "How about you order a BLT from the Sandwich Station?"

We get making fun of the crazy girl who wants sugar-free jelly and diet root beer. Ew. But the greater concern should be the frittata. Is the lack of egg dishes an Anna Wintour induced request? We know sister doesn't like cooked eggs anywhere within her proximity.

At Cond???? Nast, a hefty serving of attitude [Lloyd Grove, Lowdown]

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