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Courteney Cox to play Bonnie Fuller? / Jossip
Courteney Cox to play Bonnie Fuller?
— Wed, Mar 1, 2006 —

At this point, we are pretty sure that FX pays people to watch its shows. But this upcoming drama, based on the wonderful world of tabloids and celeb stalkers, we might just have to check out.

Dirt is yet another attempt by Courteney Cox and David Arquette's production company "Coquette Productions" to make a decent TV show — we don't need to tell you that Daisy Does America was not such a smash. As of now, FX is preparing for the pilot of Dirt, a drama based on the celeb mag industry.

"Dirt," a co-production with Cox and Arquette's Coquette Prods., explores the world of tabloid journalism and follows the female editor-in-chief of two gossipy magazines and a schizophrenic paparazzo.

The best part? Cox is set to play Lucy Spiller, the star of the tabloid show. We admit this may just be our own personal, fucked-up fantasy, but we have an idea of which a dark hair tabloid editor (who's name is somewhat similar to Lucy Spiller) this might be based on.

Courteney Cox Returns to TV in 'Dirt' [AP News]
Dramatic FX moves: two pilots [Hollywood Reporter]

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