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On The Scene: <i>Culture + Travel</i> Launches, Guests Flock to Million Dollar View / Jossip
On The Scene: Culture + Travel Launches, Guests Flock to Million Dollar View
— Wed, Sep 27, 2006 —

We don't have a fucking clue what Brian Grazer is doing in New York, either.

With the launch of Culture + Travel from former Conde Nasty James Truman comes the requisite launch party for Culture + Travel — hosted by the Canadian billionaire publisher Louise T. Blouin MacBain (the LTB in LTB Holding), the dollar signs behind such indie titles like Art + Auction and, until just recently, Spoon. Last night's soiree at MacBain's swanky Richard Meier penthouse pad was a collision of media, Hollywood, architecture, PR, and fashion ego: David Carr, Michael Wolff, Lloyd Grove, Calvin Klein, Anthony Hayden-Guest, Brian Grazer, Deborah Schoeneman, Ben Widdicombe, Keith Kelly, Catherine Malandrino .. oh, and Nadine Johnson, the publicess who put all this together. To be sure, however, at least half the guests showed up just to scope the view. (Including, we think, our photog Matthew Krautheim.)

You know what's best about seeing Michael Wolff out on the balcony with Bill Katz? Not seeing Michael Wolff in Vanity Fair with 7,000 words.

Fashion designer Catherine Malandrino and husband Bernard Aidan are so pleased to be invited, but really, they must be on the next flight back to Paris. It's nearly Fashion Week, darling.

Travel + Culture EIC Michael Boodro, right, is just happy not to be mopping the floors at Elle Decor any more.

Page Six's Sarah Polonsky certainly isn't going to get an item out of standing on the balcony with rocker Kevin Rice. But at least Kevin will have another photo for his MySpace profile.

New York editor Adam Moss and his boyfriend Daniel Kaizer ("With a Z!") made a quick cameo before ditching Truman's fete for a private dinner. And then really hot, Lance-Reichen style passion.

If you can't tell from the lack of wrinkles, Louise MacBain can buy and sell you, your mother, your blind dog, and that junior one-bedroom you just bought — 493,903,491 times over.

Man-of-the-hour James Truman, with Newsweek's Adam Rathe and new New York Observer media boy Michael Calderone, had an impromptu rehearsal session for their one-man-short barbershop quartet.

Culture + Travel photog Douglas Friedman, here with Aaron Newbill, didn't pick up the phone when 70's porn called and asked for their moustache back.

Keith Kelly and Charlie Rose remember the good old days. You know, when there weren't any broads in media.

Fellow New Yorkers Deborah Schoeneman and Carl Swanson arrived thinking this was a cuddle party. Disappointed, they resorted to awkwardly almost touching hips.

Of these three – Matthias Held, creative director Emiliano Neri, and photographer Philipp Von Hessen – only one of them understood the term "dress code."

The New York Times' Herbert Muschamp already had Mark Allen try to steal his copy of the magazine once. He's not making that mistake again.

Freelancer extraordinaire Greg Lindsay was going to use this moment to propose to girlfriend and Elle Decor staffer Sophie Donelson, but the flash from our camera ruined the appeal.

With Rebecca Edwardson, we've officially filled the socialite quotient for the evening. Thanks, Becky!

The only person we immediately recognized in this crowd is Anh Duong — a feat that surprised even us, since there weren't any phones being thrown Naomi Campbell-style.

It's no accident that she's on the balcony trying to get him drunk.

Fashion consultant Stacey Bronfman was just telling Catherine Malandrino and Keith Scott how much it costs to purchase such an exuberant sirname.

New York Daily News Gatecrasher Ben Widdicombe with friend Louisa Corbett got quiet as soon as we approached. But we did hear something about "Lloyd Grove" and "takedown master plan."

More founding editor and former Ladies' Home Journal EIC Myrna Blyth – seen here with Bill Mickey of Folio and Louis Hau of – was just about to ask Mary Furlong if her Third Age dating service really is the MySpace for seniors.

New York Times media crit David Carr, here with Nadine Johnson, next aimed his fist at Post-It Keith Kelly (far right). It's cute that you think we're kidding.

Lisa Ben-Isvy, left, had to be here: She's on the roster at the magazine's publisher LTB, and who else is going to make David Joseph look more pretty? But Marian Salat's only reason to come was to rattle off her CV; we stopped listening when she got to the civil engineering part.

Next to Lisa Ben-Isvy (costume change!), right, you might think these non-media types would be out of place at a party like this. But that's where you'd be wrong. Meet Ana Meier, daughter of the building's designer Richard Meier, and Jim Stephenson, one of Richard's henchman and the man behind 175 Charles Street. Jim has dreams of living in a building named after himself one day. Sweet, we know.

We had to snap Gawker titan Nick Denton (left) from afar, as he refused to let our photographer get in close. Well, he only enforced that policy while rubbing the shoulders of Gridskipper editor Joshua David Stein (far left).

This cadre of Stephen Greco, Jessica Craig-Martin, Todd Eberle, and Vincent Fremont looked better with the lights dimmed at Marc Jacobs and co-starring Michael Lucas.

Joey Jalleo was manning the black-clothed ensemble of flacks so boss Nadine Johnson could do what she does best: mingle. These other two girls? They've got names (Valeria McCulloch and Kate Schelter), but "my bitches" was the term Joey's wearing on his face.

Lloyd Grove and Anthony Haden-Guest. Before? Meet after.

Film vet Nancy Richardson and furniture helmsman Louis Bofferding pretend neither of them are wearing awkward eyeglasses to draw undue attention.

Todd Eberle, Lucy McIntyre, Claire Darrow, and David Kuhn prove that the more syllables you add to a photo caption, the less interesting it becomes.

Folio's Bill Mickey, right, served as Mediabistro's Dylan Stableford's shoulder to cry on about his 75 minute commute to and from Connecticut everyday.

If there was any doubt in your mind Louise MacBain is loaded, consider how much she paid per square foot of that view.

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