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Dan Abrams Adds to His MSNBC Staff / Jossip
Dan Abrams Adds to His MSNBC Staff
— Thu, Aug 3, 2006 —

Dan Abrams is making changes over at MSNBC since landing the top spot back in June. He's snagged NY1 anchor Davidson Goldin to work as his editorial director. It still amazes us when Page Six gets these media scoops, but, well, they did it again.

Abrams has tapped former NY1 anchor Davidson Goldin to be MSNBC's editorial director. The two met in 1999 when Goldin was a producer at "Dateline NBC" and Abrams was the show's legal analyst. One of Goldin's first tasks will be to help implement Abrams' top priority: "increasing the emphasis on breaking news."

Versus, y'know, the emphasis on news that's already old.



No. 1
cheri kushner says:

hi dan- you are sorely missed. tucker and willie are great but they aren't you. we miss a lot of the legal issues. why haven't we heard about the duke grand jury juror who said he would have voted differently if he knew then what he knows now? also what can we do about getting the border patrol guards out of prison? why isn't this a bipartisan issue. hope to see you soon. cheri kushner

February 7, 2007 8:12 PM

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