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<i>Dateline</i>: To Catch a Dollar / Jossip
Dateline: To Catch a Dollar
— Wed, Dec 27, 2006 —

Donny Deutsch's holiday party wasn't the only NBC Universal soiree to go awry. While a party bus break down kept CNBC's bridge-and-tunnel staffers from boozing in the city, we hear Stone Phillips and Ann Curry's crowd had an equally miserable experience.

While it was easier for NBC's Dateline staffers to find the party – at the Ted Turner Bison Restaurant – we hear staffers were charged $20 each to attend. And what's they get for their cover charge? A "disturbing" performance by Dateline executive producer David Corvo's 12-year-old daughter singing "Desperado." Ahem.

Jeff Zucker promptly sent top brass a memo, heralding the entrance fee as a brilliant cost-cutting measure that saved the bottom line untold hundreds of dollars.

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No. 1
scarlett says:

And this is the corporation that Keith Olbermann thinks he's going to get a $3 million raise from? Yeah, good luck with that KO!

December 27, 2006 5:44 PM
No. 2
ucakkurzxg says:

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