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NBC does ABC's promotiong for them / Jossip
NBC does ABC's promotiong for them
— Wed, Sep 14, 2005 —

Just like bloggers, television networks love when their competitors do the promoting for them. Take, for instance, NBC's Sept. 25 Dateline where Stone Phillips will sit down for an hour interview with Eva Longoria for the 7pm show. It just so happens that at 9 that same night, ABC will be, uh, airing the season premiere of Eva's Desperate Housewives.

NBC is getting bubbly over such the supposed "get": "We always feel great when one of TV's biggest 'gets' chooses to come to us."

Meanwhile, ABC is a little more realistic: "We love it when a competing network promotes ABC and our programming."

Remember when Dateline bumped George Clooney (Men's Vogue cover model, Good Night, and Good Luck writer and producer) for Eva? Yeah, so does NBC prez Jeff Zucker, who we're sure will be having a word with a few more producers.

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