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Donald Trump: Blogger / Jossip
Donald Trump: Blogger
— Thu, Aug 11, 2005 —

Donald Trump is jumping into this so-called "craze" calling blogging. Perhaps you've heard of it.

It'll be part of his online education service Trump University and, according to one analyst, solidifies blogging going mainstream. Because when The Donald does it you know it's going to be a success.

He's already got a few entries online, which give you a deeper look into his world than the boardroom might.

Trump's postings promise to get more serious once the blog finds its sea legs following its public launch in a few days time. For now, some of the initial musings appear to be of a piece with the bombast that's made The Donald famous on gossip pages worldwide. Under an August 4 posting entitled "Success with style," Trump wrote: "The glamour and grandeur of my buildings and my life are no mere trappings."

Perhaps Donald's blog editors should stick to words and phrasing he understands. Either way, we'd rather hear from Melania.

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