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Ellen Asmodeo / Jossip
Ellen Asmodeo
— Fri, Jul 28, 2006 —

Lest it be lost in the comments, a reader slaps our public forum with this note concerning Travel + Leisure's publisher Ellen Asmodeo making a not so graceful exit:

Here is the deal.......Ellen and [associate publisher] Robert [Tramondo] BOTH had egregious problems with their travel and entertainment allowances. Robert also had HUGE problems with managing his staff. Few if any had any respect for him, and most were relieved when Friday rolled around, as he usually was absent (read: at his Hamptons home). On an anonomous survey conducted by Amex Pub with staff last year, Ellen and Robert were the LOWEST ranking (respected) management team in the company. Robert openly derided his sales staff...TO OTHERS WITHIN the organization......He also spent way too much time talking about himself. Ellen was "the Travel + Leisure brand" and lived it wherever she went. It's a sad ending to Ellen's career at Amex Pub, but all are confident that she will thrive at her next challenge.....Most people doubt that Robert Tramondo will surface again anywhere in the publishing community, and his whisperings to many that he is being considered for positions at Conde Nast and other companies are comedic fodder for his former minions..

Voted most unpopular by an anonymous web survey? That's almost as bad as having fewer than 100 MySpace friends.

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— Thu, Jul 27, 2006 —

On the heels of last week's news that Travel & Leisure's associate publisher Robert Tramondo was ousted because of "massive T+E violations" comes more sad (read: titillating) news from 1120 Sixth: Publisher Ellen Asmodeo is also gone, we're told. This pink slip comes after last week's report that she was spared for her own "massive T+E violations." Not so, it seems. Asmodeo hadn't even fulfilled a year as a senior vice president at AmEx Publishing and, no sooner was she handed the news did AmEx find her replacement: Food & Wine's Julie McGowan.

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