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Ellen Degeneres Creeps Up on Oprah's Time Slot / Jossip
Ellen Degeneres Creeps Up on Oprah's Time Slot
— Mon, Aug 7, 2006 —

So, at about 11:50, during our regular scheduled watching of Martha on NBC, we heard a quick commercial regarding Ellen Degeneres' show moving to a new time.

"Shit!" we thought. "What if she moves to 12:00 and we have to somehow choose between her and All My Children?"

But Ellen's not moving to noon. She's moving to 4:00. 4:00. And we're sure you all know who's on at 4:00 here in New York. Queen of television Oprah Winfrey herself. Oh, hell no! Ellen's swooping in on the ABC competition. And we think it's pretty needless to say, million time Emmy winner Ellen has a good chance of drawing overlapping Ellen and Oprah viewers to NBC.

Seriously, we'd much prefer to watch someone who at least admits to being a lesbian.

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I thought this move by Ellen was a way to show Oprah that she wasn't afraid of her or her protege Rachael Ray, whose new talk-show is supposed to debut in September at 10:00AM on ABC -- yup, against Ellen's old timeslot on NBC.

said: Arch Noble on August 7, 2006 04:15 PM

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