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Gary Busey goes beserk at LAX / Jossip
Gary Busey goes beserk at LAX
— Thu, Feb 16, 2006 —

A tipster who has friends in the LAX Transport Security Administration just dropped this hot (totally unconfirmed, but we'll do our best) potato in our inbox.

We're told that Gary Busey, who always plays whackos in really crappy movies (except Black Sheep, we liked that one) was arrested today at LAX for assaulting a female officer.

He was either drunk or stoned and shoved her on the forehead causing her to fall backwards landing directly on her tailbone. She was injured and could not get up.

Soon after, the police cuffed Busey, who was for some reason traveling with his wannabe paparazzi attorney.

One officer drew a gun on Gary's attorney too for trying to fetch a camera from a briefcase.

We guess it helps to bring your attorney along when you plan on attacking people all over the place, but why in the hell would the attorney take pictures of her client beating the crap out of a girl?

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