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Gawker Whacker: Mo' Mohney, Mo' Problems. / Jossip
Gawker Whacker: Mo' Mohney, Mo' Problems.
— Thu, Jan 18, 2007 —

Remember last summer, when we had a grand old time with Gawker Whacker, reporting on the removal of the media pop culture site's editor Jesse Oxfeld (whose exit was quickly followed with Jessica Coen's departure)? Now it's time for another round of fun at Nick Denton's expense. Turns out, it's often not the wisest decision to hire the guy who started a blog for the sole purpose of getting your attention.

His name is Chris Mohney, and up until recently (yesterday?), he was's managing editor. He started with Denton at the helm of Gridskipper, where he was hired after writing Gawkerist — an all-things-meta blog that was considered almost relevant before everyone and their step-mom tried their hand at viral videos on YouTube.

But as Daily Intel – now edited by Oxfeld himself – reports, Mohney is no longer. He's been unable to increase Gawker's traffic, which has a tendency to get Denton punching away furiously at his Hiptop and screaming at his trainer. More interesting than Mohney's unceremonious exit (and who didn't call that one?) is his replacement: Choire Sicha, the second editor of Gawker and, according to an informal survey we just conducted with our coffee mug and iPod, the editor many readers considered their favorite.

Sicha – who's been unhappily toiling away at the New York Observer while performing pick up jobs like blogging for Out magazine's Out 100 party – is, we're sure, more than thrilled to come on board and show those two new girls how it's done.

Update: Chris says goodbye, manages to squeeze in a "thanks" for Denton and Lockhart Steele.

Update 2: Mohney not canned? Jossip no longer interested.

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No. 1
Uncle Grambo says:

What's the over/under on the size of the golden parachute?

January 18, 2007 11:49 AM
No. 2
BrianVan says:

The over/under is Denton's 9-tabs-filled Subway Club Card, which Mohney has no idea that they discontinued that at Subway last year.

More likely golden shower than golden parachute. And that's definitely what's happening over at Krucoff's joint.

January 18, 2007 12:01 PM
No. 3
Anonymous says:

Choire must come back! If he does, maybe I'll start reading that rag again.

January 18, 2007 1:18 PM

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