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Nick Denton hopes you'll be his / Jossip
Nick Denton hopes you'll be his
— Wed, Sep 21, 2005 —

First Jai Rodriguez, now Internet mogul Nick Denton? The profiles never end!

The self-described "media omnivore" (as noted in his profile) is looking for his love: someone "who can hold his own, even take me down a peg or two when I deserve it."

Hmm, sexual overtones are flooding here. And it doesn't end there.

So, like I said, I need someone who can stand up to me, even put me in my place. Sure, good-looking, fit, intelligent: it's all important. But, in friends or crushes, I tend to go for attitude.

Like the type of attitude that goes well with handcuffs and slings, mmm-kay? Now we know Nick maintains an equal opportunity race card on the surface, but which of these is his true ethnic passion?

Black / African descent, White / Caucasian, Latino / Hispanic, Middle Eastern

Submit your answers to Our favorite person (to be determined by, well, us) with the correct response will win the very appropriate Landon Lueck's (of Real World fame) 2006 calendar, courtesy of

But we can't rank on Denton too much, since there's probably a profile or two of ours lying around these Internets.

PRE-POSTING UPDATE: Denton has since pulled this profile after we were nice enough to ask if it was his doing or the latest incarnation of the Gawkerist obsession. Though we'll save the PDF version for when we need to battle (or contribute to?) his PR blitz for his upcoming gay blog.

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