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Geraldo Rivera
— Wed, Apr 25, 2007 —

• According to Harper's Bazaar, two out of every three "chic" stylish women has had sexual relations with Gilles Bensimon.

• Charlie Rose is "Larry King for Mensa members." And the best place for presidents to give length one on one interviews without saying anything.

NY Times shareholders demand a shake-up. When asked to elaborate, investors said they have no problem with "boring, elitist crap," just so long as it's turning a profit.

• Geraldo Rivera launches one-sided feud with TVNewser's editor, calling him a "pubescent rejectionist."

• NBC execs are nostalgic for the days when people actually watched their television programming.

• Which may or may not explain why My Name Is Earl is bringing "new car smell" and eau de "obnoxious cologne" into your very own living room.

— Tue, Apr 17, 2007 —

Everyone makes mistakes. After all, who among us has never once accidentally left the stove on, forgotten their house keys or shoplifted a $4 charm bracelet from Claire's Accessories in the fifth grade?

And who knows more about making mistakes than NYT television critic, Alessandra Stanley, who holds the dubious distinction of issuing corrections as frequently as a half-empty bottle of White Out? Today, however, hers was not so much a factual inaccuracy as a mysterious omission.

— Thu, Mar 29, 2007 —

The drinks were flowing at last night's RTCA dinner long before Karl Rove decided to 'get jiggy with it' on the dance floor. And Fox News' gazebo bash was the place to be, attracting throngs of Republican movers and shakers with its luminary candles, easy-listening jazz band and, of course, open bar. Inexplicably, we scored ourselves an invite, and ended up partying with FNC, sipping on Chardonnay with the likes of Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, Geraldo Rivera (finally!) and Bill O'Reilly.

And when we say "sipping on Chardonnay with" we actually mean "guzzling Maker's Mark on the rocks while attempting to eavesdrop." Unfortunately, due to some combination of a loud jazz band, partial deafness and copious amounts of whiskey, we were only able to overhear enigmatic sentence fragments and context-less murmurs devoid of any actual meaning.

"Jerry Seinfeld was bawling his eyes out every day."
"Has anyone seen Geraldo?"
"Hate the speeches, love the food."
"Totally. Wait, Bill Richardson is the one with the jowls, right?"

And so on, and so forth. But it wasn't until we were seated inside that the real fun started.

— Thu, Jan 11, 2007 —

Geraldo "His Show Just Got Cancelled" Rivera just can't seem to shut his pie hole. After calling his arch-rival, Keith Olberman, a "midget," "punk" and "slimeball" on the radio last month, Rivera has recently upped the ante by challenging the conservative MSNBC newsie to a boxing match.

Evidently, Rivera's still not over the 2003 contraversy, when he was slammed by the press for that whole drawing-a-televised-map-of-the-U.S.-troops'-location incident. And, oh yeah, he's holding Olbermann responsible for all that:

Rivera, 63, blamed his MSNBC rival for blowing the incident out of proportion. He also called Olbermann a bawdy nickname for a cat "who wouldn't cross the street against the red light." Rivera, an amateur boxer, said he'd gladly step into the ring with the effete Olbermann and promised, "I would make a pizza out of him."

To which Olbermann immediately responded by insisting he's "7 inches taller," and declaring that Geraldo peaked in 1985.

He also threatened to cut off Bill O'Reilly's hamstring, proudly held up his (framed) copy of GQ's 2006 "Men of the Year" issue, and then made an obsene gesture and said, "COUNT THIS!"

We're betting ten bucks on Rivera, though. Anyone who's continued to wear a mustache 20 years after they stopped being cool has just got to be sorta scrappy.

— Fri, Jan 5, 2007 —

Goodbye Geraldo, hello TMZ TV. Just like The Megan Mullally Show, Fox's Twentieth Television is halting Geraldo at Large — and bringing it back to FNC. Turns out, spending up to $1 million per week for just a 1.6 rating isn't profitable. With Geraldo gone, there's an open slot for none other than Harvey Levin and the kids at TMZ, who have turned racial tirades into America's newest porn addiction. There's been much speculation that Harvey would return to television with his new Internet project, and this move puts the ball in motion. Not that the staff at TMZ had been told any of this.

Read More: Geraldo Rivera, TMZ
— Tue, Jul 18, 2006 —

By popular demand, you all are the reason Intern Wendy is now pulling double duty nabbing quotes from our fave cable newscasters (and at time their guests). We offered to double her salary, but as it turns out, she's not only good at poking fun at Tucker Carlson ... she's also good at math. So, for your early week pleasure, we present the weekend spew.

• I???????ve had plenty of parties in my life, Bill, believe it or not. I have ???????? I cannot remember having a night where I had amnesia and totally didn???????t remember what I did, particularly on any of my honeymoons. —Geraldo Rivera, The O????????Reilly Factor, July 13

• "Do you ever admit you????????re wrong???????? —Norah O????????Donnell, asking the impossible of Ann Coulter, Hardball, July 14

• "Look, it might be a hubcap in a diaper, it might be a pineapple, it might be a troll doll with a price tag attached. It might be anything except a baby.??????? — Michael Musto, pondering what type of alien Suri Cruise really is, Countdown, July 14

• "I warn you, it's George W. Bush, having lunch with Blair, and there`s graphic eating involved. I mean, the president`s talking with his mouth open. Shame on you, George. Barbara will be talking to you about it.??????? Glenn Beck, on why bad table manners are worse than saying shit, Glenn Beck, July 17

• I believe it????????you said they have the captain on the line, but I don????????t know what he????????s a captain of. Captain of what? What is he a captain of???????? —Miles O????????Brien, not knowing if it????????s Captain Kangaroo or Captain and Tennille calling, American Morning, July 18

— Tue, Feb 21, 2006 —

You wouldn't know it from his take on Katie Couric, but Geraldo Rivera is considered by some to be a reporter.

And those reporter instincts tell Geraldo that it would be bad for Katie to go to CBS. Not only because that "anchor lady" role is tough, but because she would only get 22 minutes of face time. Totally not worth the "gazillion" Les Moonves is offering. People like him and Katie should have at least 90 minutes on camera.

It would be a bad career move for Couric if she were to accept Les Moonves' gazillion-dollar offer to anchor CBS Evening News when her contract expires in May, according to Rivera.

Gazillions. Really? Does he still talk to anyone over at Fox now that he has his big shot show Geraldo at Large? Uh, because we seem to remember Roger Friedman pointing out yesterday that Katie would be taking a pay cut at CBS. Of $7 million.

If Katie Couric takes Dan Rather????????s old job on the CBS Evening News, it will cost her big time ???????? $7 million a year.

Gazillions, negative 7 million, whatever. Maybe Geraldo's is such a bad journalist because he's on TV? Then again, that's according to that non-Rupert Murdoch owned paper, and only people who work for Murdoch ever get things right.

Couric Would Take $7M Pay Cut at CBS [Roger Friedman, Fox]
Gail Shister | Geraldo Rivera would tell Couric to stay with 'Today' [Gail Shister, Philedelphia Inquirer]
Geraldo at Large
Where have you gone, Woodstein? [Denis Hamill, NYDN]

— Wed, Nov 2, 2005 —

• Looks like Geraldo Rivera needs to invite some chair tossing neo-Nazis on his new syndicated show — and Fox might force him to with his dismal 2.9 rating debut. [TVNewser]

• First Britney Spears' new track "And Then We Kissed" makes the Internet leak rounds and then suddenly Kevin Federline's attempt at rapping ("Ya'll Ain't Ready") finds itself online too? We love record companies' in-house PR efforts. [Stereogum, and again]

Kanye West is filling in for The Game in 50 Cent's rap feuds, but this time it's all politics. Kanye is sticking by his "Bush doesn't care about blacks" while 50 is, uh, attributing Hurricane Katrina to God. [AP]

Wired magazine is joining the temporary store craze with a SoHo location filled with gadgets, just in time to make up for lost ad revenue with the holiday shopping season. [Beta News]

• This time next year there could be as many as 96 job openings swarming Mediabistro and ED2010 thanks to Conde Nast's business unit. [MIN]

• Now that everyone's all hot and bothered about Internet companies again, iVillage is looking for a suitor. [FT]

— Tue, Nov 1, 2005 —

• Despite all those budget cuts at Tribune Co., its Chicago Tribune still has plenty of money to run a column about how blogs waste employee time. [Chicago Tribune]

• Nobody should be surprised that Geraldo Rivera's return to hosting his own show would go on without sound effects and sensationalized stories. [WaPo]

Charlie Gibson is the man for Peter Jennings' job, at least according to departing Nightline host Ted Koppel. ABC News prez David Westin, meanwhile, has no idea why Ted is running his mouth. [Lowdown]

• Apparently there are just too many -steins, -witzs and -bergs in the media biz to officially declare it a diverse industry. [Harvard Crimson]

• While Jennifer Aniston proves to be Vanity Fair's largest seller, Britney Spears' pre-birth spread on Elle is the Hachette Filipacchi's title's biggest mover in its 21 years (thanks to Preston Sean's birth 15 days after it hit newsstands). [MIN]

Reader's Digest chief Tom Ryder announced yesterday he'd be leaving the publishing giant after seven years at the end of 2005, where he'll then change his subscription to the Large Print edition. [Folio:]

• Not everybody's welcoming David Lee Roth and Adam Carolla with open arms as Howard Stern's replacements, with some non-Infinity-owned stations opting for different programming. [Page Six]

— Mon, Oct 31, 2005 —

• Now that she's pretty much done with the New York Times, Judith Miller should have plenty of time to pen that memoir she's been running her mouth about. Now the real question is whether she'll go all Kim Cattrall and reveal all the steamy details of her romps with Scooter Libby. [WWD]

Advertising Age is going all New Yorker on us with a first-of-its-kind (for a trade) solo advertiser issue, devoting all of its ad pages to Infinity — just in time to hype Howard Stern's replacements! [NYP]

• Reading a profile of Janice Min is, surprisingly, like reading Us Weekly's front of the book. You know, except for those creative headlines. [Denver Post]

• We really wish New York's Ariel Levy took a page from cover subject Maureen Dowd in how to be concise (well, not always). You know how to get us to not read your copy (beside putting it behind TimesSelect)? Print 6,000 words on a single womanly woman. [New York]

Geraldo Rivera returns to daytime syndication today with Geraldo At Large. While the on-set fights from the days of Geraldo may not return, we're hoping there will be plenty of choreographed "victims saved" scenarios. [TVNewser]

• In-flight magazines aren't just for shopping from the skies anymore. They're industry leaders when it comes to ad pages — and might just beat Gotham when it comes ads more worthwhile than editorial. [MarketWatch]

• Just when you thought Jon Friedman had quit handing out media handjobs, he's at it again with Texas Monthly's Evan Smith. [MarketWatch]

Finally, a journalist stars a blog. We knew this day was coming. [LAT]

— Fri, Oct 28, 2005 —

Tom Cruise is going to be hiding under a couch instead of jumping on one when he hears this: Brooke Shields is expecting her second child in the Spring. Just to make Katie Holmes jealous, expect a non-silent birth with lots of screaming and tons of drugs. [The Scoop]

Karl Lagerfeld can expect an uninvited guest at tomorrow night's Fendi party: the devil. His pals at PETA plan to protest by sending Satan (no, not Anna Wintour!) as part of their "Wear Fur and Go to Hell" campaign. [Lowdown]

• Is Paris Hilton ditching her bi-coastal wrath in America for the cloudy skies of London? She's said to be shopping around for a new place, though given her tendency to globe hop, we're sure she'll be back at Spider Club by the New Year. [Radar]

• When Lenny Kravitz' neighbors say, "Oh, shit!," they aren't kidding. The rocker's toilet backed up and caused damage to two neighbors' apartments in his building. But they won't have to put up with Kravitz's crap much longer: he's put his unit on the market. [Page Six]

Geraldo Rivera, who begins his new show Geraldo at Large on Monday, is watching his brother Craig tumble. The Inside Edition correspondent looked more like the celebrities he reports on when he got busted for DUI in San Francisco. [Page Six.

Lil' Kim isn't going to win a lot of friends in prison with her new CD. The Naked Truth blasts everyone from her co-defendants to the prosecutor that put her there. She's just pissed none of her cellmates have knitted her a poncho yet. [NYDN]

• So much for Brad Garrett's attempt to ride on the coattails of Ray Romano for the rest of his career. Though he alluded to a possible Everybody Loves Raymond spin-off at the Emmys, CBS isn't too fond of the idea. [Fox 411]

— Wed, Sep 28, 2005 —

• Don't let Fairchild's "She's so Jane" ads fool you: Brandon Holley is no Jane Pratt, and her mass market push for Jane isn't going over well with editors. They're jumping ship like Chris Mitchell.

Dan Rather is gung ho about reopening President Bush's National Guard story, but CBS News isn't thrilled with the idea for, ahem, obvious reasons.

• The hurricane coverage continues to bolster ratings for the cable news networks, with Fox News remaining in the lead with an average 1.2 million daily viewers. 'Cause you knew Roger Ailes was going to milk death and destruction for every last viewer.

Anderson Cooper didn't have any luck avoiding the Gulf Coast's harsh weather and he can't avoid trouble on the housing market either. His West 38th Street loft, originally listed at $2.2 million, has dropped to $1.795m in its second price cut.

• Even though the New York Times didn't exactly apologize to Geraldo Rivera for implying he staged a Hurricane Katrina rescue, the Fox News journo doesn't plan on suing.

— Tue, Sep 27, 2005 —

After plenty of bitching over the New York Times' claiming he staged a Hurricane Katrina rescue for the benefit of the cameras — and securing the support of WaPo media critic Howard Kurtz and even NYT public editor Byron CalameGeraldo Rivera is finally getting his NYT correction.

But it's certainly no apology and sounds much closer to a snide aside. And that's why we love those folks on West 43rd.

The TV Watch column on Sept. 5 discussed broadcast journalists' undisguised outrage at the failings of Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts. It said reporters had helped stranded victims because no police officers or rescue workers were around, and added, "Fox's Geraldo Rivera did his rivals one better: yesterday, he nudged an Air Force rescue worker out of the way so his camera crew could tape him as he helped lift an older woman in a wheelchair to safety."

The editors understood the "nudge" comment as the television critic's figurative reference to Mr. Rivera's flamboyant intervention. Mr. Rivera complained, but after reviewing a tape of his broadcast, The Times declined to publish a correction.

Numerous readers, however - now including Byron Calame, the newspaper's public editor, who also scrutinized the tape - read the comment as a factual assertion. The Times acknowledges that no nudge was visible on the broadcast.

Hear that? No nudge, even if Alessandra Stanley channeled one.

— Thu, Sep 22, 2005 —

Ariel Foxman remains safely in charge at Cargo, but that's probably more Andy Roddick's doing (his issue rocketed single copy sales to 89,000) than Foxman's talent. Or his hair.

• The New York Sun calling the New York Times a tabloid makes us giggle a little. Okay, a lot.

Bonnie Fuller is looking at her own Devil Wears Prada now that former Star West Coast bureau chief Brenda You is set to release her first novel Blood Red Carpet. If there's nothing we like more than thinly veiled industry tell-alls, it's thinly veiled industry tell-alls with "before & after" titles.

• MSNBC truly had a captive audience last night. Among the passengers on JetBlue Flight 292 were three NBC staffers, who were able to watch their situation live on, uh, MSNBC thanks to in-flight DirecTV. And wouldn't you know: Alison Stewart nabbed the get with an interview when the plane landed.

• The good news? A Current Affair has been canceled. The bad news? It's being replaced by Geraldo at Large.

Rupert Murdoch is moving ahead with plans to launch a business news channel while CNBC is moving ahead with stalled ratings.

• The New York Times hoped to start charging you for access to its op-ed columnists via TimesSelect on Monday, but some smarty found a way around it. Well, for 24 hours.

• Slashing 500 jobs across its newspaper holdings isn't keeping the New York Times from earning a "credit watch with negative implications" rating from S&P, but surely the new revenue from TimesSelect will rescue the Gray Lady.

— Fri, Sep 16, 2005 —

• As Time Warner's America Online begins its plans to merge with Microsoft's MSN, it's Microsoft-GE-owned MSNBC that could take a hit, since the news outlet might be pullings its news from Time Warner's CNN. Well, that would be a problem, if only Microsoft planned on hanging on to its struggling cable news outfit.

Jon Stewart's Sept. 29 panel discussion is exposing the pecking order of editors. We've got Time's Jim Kelly, Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter, Cosmopolitan's Kate White and Men's Health David Zinczenko on the roster, which leaves Cargo's Ariel Foxman to wipe his tears on a pocket square.

New York magazine's website is squaring off against, snapping up an expected two million page views in a week yesterday, thanks to its excessive Fashion Week coverage. Kurt Andersen's column, however, remains the most unvisited page on the site. (Yes, we made that up.)

• American Media is spending so much money covering up Arnold Schwarzenegger's extramarital playtime that they didn't have the cash to print business cards and stationary for Celebrity Living's new West Coast bureau chief Maryann Norbom — she had to get them done herself.

• Are the music festivals put on by music magazines taking over the print product in buzz? Related: Does Naomi Campbell care about Gwen Stefani's feelings?

• What's that? That bastion of right wing accuracy make a mistake? Yep, even the pompous Drudge Report gets it wrong now and then. After blasting the headline, "Paltrow: I Don't Want to Live in America," Gwyneth replied that she's, uh, not leaving.

• Anti-Iraq talking head Cindy Sheehan just landed herself a paying gig as, what else, a talking head.

• Jot this down: Geraldo Rivera has "stopped being the whipping boy."

— Tue, Sep 13, 2005 —

• The days of Keith Olbermann bullying may be numbered, now that Rick Kaplan may be on his way out as MSNBC president. After getting passed over to head NBC News when Neal Shapiro announced his departure, his tenure there might not last the year.

Howard Kurtz is joining Geraldo Rivera's cause, calling for the New York Times to issue an apology to the talk show host for claiming he staged a Hurricane Katrina rescue for the camera's benefit.

• While Rodale couldn't make Organic Style work (though it still appears on the website), the publisher is going ahead with a full-scale launch for Women's Health, the Men's Health spin-off. Finally there will be some David Zinczenko-style loving for the ladies.

TV Guide president John Loughlin is quitting for the greener (and more stable) pastures at Hearst, taking over as vice president of the publisher late next month.

• Viacom and Comcast are working together to launch a new swatch of super-niche cable channels, because the YES Network and The Food Network aren't specific enough.

• Clear Channel is clearing the way to get song from new artists and unsigned bands into the hands of listeners by debuting tracks on their website.

• Is Men's Vogue an oxymoron all by itself? If Anna Wintour falls out of her seat and nobody there's to see it, did she really skip Diane Von Furstenberg's fashion show?

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